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  1. Well, last night I went out for 3 ½ hours, skewed EVERYWHERE! It's still showing full It fits perfectly under the scope, so no trailing leads! Definitely a good buy!
  2. Nice write-up! I have just taken delivery of a 14ah version today, and am going to try it out on my 250px FlexTube tonight - my old 'jump-starter' that powered a 130p all night only lasted about an hour in the new scope so i needed to upgrade. interesting to see it lasts 5 hours!
  3. Lol, me too! How many people do that. Add to basket, remove from basket, add to basket, remove from basket.... Maybe I'll bite the bullet and buy it - my £30 Maplins car starter that had never let me down ran out of juice last night on my new 250px flex tube. I think i need more power than the 130p...
  4. Hi I have a 7mm LX and am very happy with it. Very clear views and wide FOV too. I get better views with my 7mm X-Cel than with my 14mm Explore Scientific barlowed through a Televue Barlow. Pad £70 for it at the time and think was good value for money. I haven't tried the BST though so can't compare Tel
  5. My favourite reply! Geek meets astronomy, me all over Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk so please ignore my spelling!
  6. Amazing. Finally got round to doing this on my Mac. After a bit of scaling of the image and playing with the 'angle_rotatez' figure, it's pretty much spot on!!! Thanks to the OP for this. To do it on a Mac, very similar. All you need to do is right click the Stellarium.app (in Applications) and choose 'show package contents'. This will open up the application in finder. Go to 'Contents-Resources-Landscapes' create a new folder (call it 'Your-Landscape-Name' and put in it your Landscape.png file and the landscape.ini file that you create. (I copied one from another folder and amended it). That's it! Thanks again for sharing this!! Tel
  7. You know you're an Astronomer when... You laugh out loud at this thread, show it to your wife and daughter and get a blank look! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi All!

 I currently have a Celestron TravelScope 70 and am very happy with it. I have been looking for a 'proper' scope for the last 6 weeks or so and have a budget of £300 max. In fact, my other half is getting it for me for my birthday on 1st Sept, so there is no leeway in that! 

I think I will be doing spontaneous planetary viewing and some of the main Messier's. Maybe some some very amateur Astrophotography thrown in - more to show others what I have seen than to win awards! No more than a few seconds exposure and I know a MD can be added to most scopes.

 So here is the dilemma. I thought I had it sorted with a Skywatcher 150p on an EQ3-2 mount. (£296). I thought i could add the GOTO/MD later and that was the scope for me. The last few days I have been wondering if the Skywatcher 130p SkyScan GOTO would be better (£290). Smaller reflector I know, but it is a GOTO.

 So do you all think I am better off getting the larger scope and adding to it or the smaller (and more portable as it will probably get put away most evenings) GOTO scope. Is there a lot of difference between 150mm and 130mm? (except for 20mm!)

 Your views are welcome - I am spending (her) cash next week! 

Thanks - you all are a brilliant help to me re-kindling my hobby! 

Clear Skies!!

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