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  1. Thanks to all, I've just sent astrotec an email so will get it fixed by someone who knows what they are doing. I did try astro baby but I'm sure my dec is not perfectly straight so couldn't get it to run smooth. Cheers all.
  2. Good afternoon, Are there any dealers out there that service telescope mounts? I'd like my Sky watcher eq6 doing before winter finally sets in. I've had a go myself but just cannot seem to get it perfect. cheers
  3. I was out last night and used my bahtinov mask and had correct focus after 10 seconds using live view. £15 Very well spent.
  4. Cheers Chris, I've tried that and still had trouble but I'll give it a go tomorrow as it's supposed to be clear. I'll keep all other parameters the same and hopefully it'll work. I'll let you know. Clear 'n' sunny skies Aq-man
  5. Thanks James, Will try there as its supposed to be clear tomorrow night. Aq-Man
  6. Hello, Is there anyone out there that can help me get it right? My mount is a Sky Watcher EQ6 pro The scope William Optics 110mm My guide camera is a SBIG ST-i The lens that comes with the camera is only small about 30mm diameter but equivalent to 100mm. I've changed the parameters in the brain icon but haven't had any consistency. I've taken three minute exposures of the ring nebula with nice round stars then moved the mount to a another object with a lower dec and ended up with PHD losing the star or not being able to guide on it in the first place. Hope there is someone out there wi
  7. Hello everyone, I've been into astronomy for about 13 years and I've taken a few images over the last 4 years (not very good). I will be seeking your expert advice on guiding with PHD. Sky watcher EQ6 pro William Optics 110mm triplet apo William Optics 80mm triplet apo William Optics 72mm apo Lunt solar systems 60mm 12mm blocking filter Tele vue plossl eyepieces
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