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  1. Thanks Bizibuilder I take it that it isn't wrong to just mount the camera direct without an EP in the adapter. Lets hope the sky is clear, and I will try it! cheers, Adam
  2. Cheers Jim Glad some else has tried it! Looks like its going to be a clear night so I suppose it would be rude not to try it. Thanks again, Adam
  3. Dear SGL Please feel free to put me in the stocks and hurl rotten veg at me after this post, but I need to ask! I have a t-adapter to mount my Pentax DSLR onto the back of my Celestron SCT for some AP. There were no instructions with the tube of the adapter. I know how to mount the adapter onto the camera and place the adapter into the hole where the eyepiece goes in tHe back of the scope. However my question is, do you insert an eyepiece inside the adapter tube? The EP seems to fit into the tube, and there is a small screw on the side of the tube that is suggestive of retaining/locking an EP into place inside. Am I barking up the wrong tree, or just barking? Thanks everyone. Please form an orderly queue to throw the veg...... Adam
  4. Hi. Recently joined, and posted a question. Within a day had 7 answers, all of which were very helpful and friendly. No hint of impatience with a noobie! Nice to know that even the daftest-seeming question can be presented without ridicule. The knowledge base is huge and tangible, and access to this can only enhance the hobby. Many thanks to all, a great site !
  5. WOW Thank you all so much for your advice! Will definately try to get a mask and see if that helps. Will also look into parfocal rings. Having said all of that, might get a new toy in the shape of a canon EOS! Thank you all once again Adam
  6. Hi everybody! New here (can you tell)! I have a question that may need to be answered by someone with more knowledge on the matter than I have. I am new to astronomy/photography. I have a Celestron Nextar 127SLT, to which I can attach my DSLR (pentax k100). So far so good. I can find DSO's etc that I use a number of different eyepieces to view and enjoy, but when I remove the eyepiece and fit the camera on via the t-piece, the object in question is out of focus. Is this the way of things, that I have to then re-focus the telescope to get the image in focus for the camera? And if so, how can I be sure that the object is focused correctly 'cos the darn thing is so dim thru the camera, I cannot tell until after the exposure. I would be grateful for any suggestions/guidance from anybody. Cheers, Adam
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