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  1. Getting some real good views of Jupiter and Mars. I think I'm running around x185, X200. Using a 120mm Refractor and a 127mm Mak. Both are skywatcher. Picked out details on both planets, I'm just total amazed I can see this kind of detail from my garden. Also I've picked up Rain prof Jacket and trousers from Toolstation for just under £12, lined wellies frog Lidl for £6.99 Built a seat that I can put all of my bits, its even got the PSU built in. So a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the advise from this forum and sky at night mag. I had a tweak of my 200p BUT didn't get it right first time, so need to
  2. I watched 2 Shadows/black bots, pass over Jupiter last night around 9pm on wards. What did I see because I've searched and found nothing.
  3. I really have no idea. I start with either a 32 or 25 mm and work through until I get the biggest sharp image I can. So I need to learn another skill. That's what I like about this hobby, learning all the time.
  4. Okay the power lead on my Skywatcher 127mm Mak AZ synscan mount got stuck and I have damaged the gear box on the bottom motor drive. Can I get a spare gearbox or motor and gearbox ?? Any ideas
  5. Yes it would. Not only is it amazing to see objects so far away but I'm lucky enough to be able to do the compare thing. Is was thinking the same about the 200p maybe it needs a tweak
  6. I'm trying to build a dob' mount for the 200p. I might look into the image route with the mak if I can get a few bits on the cheap. Next has to be Mars. I wonder if I will get anything other than a red disk.
  7. Good news is he does not want it back. Oh yes get in. Bad news... I paid for the other stuff. Wonder how much a used 127 mak goes for. mmmm
  8. I had the best view of Jupiter tonight, that I've ever had. I used a 120mm Skywatcher refractor that I "borrowed" from my brother. Its a blue tube one I assume its a EVOSTAR, Apart from the blue glow around the edge of Jupiter, it should more, much more detail than my 200p and my 127 mak. I've read the mak should show detail but ?? Was it just good conditions ?? It was also good on a few DSO. On a side note I've killed a gear on my AZ synscan mount, power cable got stuck, opps. Great Night. Clear Skys Mike
  9. Bang on. I'm setup and ready. Just having a look at stuff to find, well try.
  10. oh les paul gone 2 weeks ago swaped for a Patrick eggle, tiny guitar, which does not kill my back. Its was a 2011 classic plus
  11. I had a great night from the pocket tip. Dust Caps on and in the pocket, seemed to work better than the case. Cheers for the advise. I've seen a tip in this moths sky at night mag about building little heaters, trip to RS in order. Clear Skys Mike
  12. ?? Strange way of looking at things for me. I have a goto to help me out. I like to find bright stars and planets by eye and use the controls to point the scope. If I can't find it I use the goto and read the info on the hand set. I don't tick anything off, and really couldn't careless what anyone else things about it. I just enjoy what I get to see. To say I only do blah blah, oh come on. I got into this because I had a 76mm reflector from aldi. I saw enough to spend a little more and I would say just enjoy and marvel at the sky. Clear Skys Mike
  13. M42 is amazing, I spent hours and hours on it last year (only got it once this year, weather). I swear the gas cloud glittered last year. Like you say, the sky is just so full.
  14. I set the Mak and the 200p up at about 6 pm. Forecast was clear. Its still cloudy arrrr. I was spoilt this time last year and I had only really just started. Fingers crossed
  15. I've bought some more socks to try and I'm going to try boots tonight. Thanks for all the tips. I've had a few cracking nights on the bounce, fingers crossed. I still in shock with Jupiter, stunning.
  16. oh I got 3 hours before the cold toes set in. I really need to sort it out because I have a dark sky trip planned. I'll try the lidl tin foil and yes why pay more.
  17. I always have a hat on because I'm bald, so that would smart in the cold. mmm damproff I'll try that
  18. Lots of things

  19. Greetings from Wolverhampton. I'm struggling to keep my feet warm, everything else is sorted. I have tried 2 pairs of sock with leather shoes and trainers. Still getting cold. Any ideas. Cheers in advance, oh my enter key is not working. I'm having a great time. This goto system has help me understand the sky its unreal, even the wife can spot M45 bye eye and she doesn't have a look often. My 2 lads in there 20's can spot many objects and I'm learn the shapes and to hop. Simple stunning stuff out there. My current work is M35, stunning. Mike
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