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  1. Starting to get used to the new look!!! But for some reason I keep getting logged out, where as before I was logged in pretty much all the time! Any reasons why?
  2. Aren't we all praying for clear skies!!!! Been far too cloudy recently. Must be a boom in telescopes sales thats doing it !! As for light pollution filters, Try asking in the equipment help part of the forum, everyones great here and will be more than willing to help!! Also, have a look at first light optics (link at the top of the page), they stock LF and will also be able to help with any enquiries! Welcome to SGL!! Don't be a stranger
  3. Last image is great!!! Well done, the detail is brill.
  4. Or, If you can wait a month, on the 23rd The Sky At Night Magazine is doing a review on light pollution filters
  5. what am i planning to do with what? the telescope? And why not 10"? Theres plenty of people with 16 and + so why not 10"?
  6. well i ordered them, Im so excited !!! But wont be able to actually see it for another 5 weeks as i am at uni and they are being delivered home, but until then i recieved my binos today, i am a very happy girl
  7. ah ok then i will go for the cheshire one !! Are there any eye pieces anyone can recommend or anything else as this is all a birthday pressie and i have £25 left to spend :D
  8. Hey IrishBloke!! Which polarising filter did you purchase ? You've made me eager to buy mine now :D
  9. Already purchased TLAO The telescope doesnt come with a barlow according to all of the sites i have looked at, eg - http://www.flyingastronomer.co.uk/product.php?id=157 As far as space goes, My dad has bought me a small garden shed thing that isnt tall enough to hold the 10" normal dob so im going with the flex tube Plus its sexier anyways Is the moon filter good enough? And as far as culmination goes I saw a cheaper £6 cap on FLO and wondered if that would do the job? edit- heres the collicap for £6 i was talking about http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=ccollicap
  10. Here is my "shopping list". I am posting it here as i just wanted to run it through with all you wonderful people to make sure what I am getting is right, if there is anything that needs to be added or changed!!! Skywatcher Skyliner 250px FlexTube Dobsonian Tal 2x Barlow Meade ND96 Moon Filter (1.25") Collimating Eyepiece Anything I should add or change or even take away? comes to £576.50 at the lovely FLO
  11. I assume I get a 2x barlow with the telescope, so maybe picking up a 3x barlow?
  12. so a 4mm eye peice would be a good idea to purchase as the 250 flex tube only comes with 10 and 25mm eye pieces ?
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