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  1. Times, cities and visibility : http://www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/eclissi03-11-2013_eng.htm
  2. On day 21th June Mercury, Venus and Vesta will be simultaneusly in conjunction. http://www.pierpaolo...06-2013_eng.htm
  3. On day 7th of June the asteroid Ceres will be at only 0.65° from the star beta Gem www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/Ceres-BetaGEM07-06-2013_eng.htm
  4. On 7th March the asteroid (1) Ceres will be at only 0.37° from the bright star Beta Tau. www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/Ceres-BetaTAU07-03-2013_eng.htm
  5. On day 18th February the Moon will occult asteroid Vesta and Jupiter http://www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/occ-18-02-2013_eng.htm http://www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/occ-18-02-2013a_eng.htm http://www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/trio18-02-2013_eng.htm www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/trio18-02-2013a_eng.htm
  6. In the morning of 26th December we can see a beautiful multiple conjunction between the Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran. The least conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter will happen with a mutual distance of 0.42°, while among the Moon and Aldebaran it will be 4.16° www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/trio26-12-2012_eng.htm
  7. Tomorrow we can see a nice conjunction between the Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/trio28-11-2012_eng.htm
  8. In the morning of 27th November Venus will be at 0.5° from Saturn www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/venere-saturno_eng.htm
  9. On day 13th November 2012 will happen a total solar eclipse www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/eclissi13-11-2012_eng.htm
  10. On day 19th September will happen an occultation of Mars visible from Argentina, Brasil and Perù. http://www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/occ-19-09-2012_eng.htm
  11. On day 8th September will happen an occultation of Jupiter visible from South America www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/occ-08-09-2012_eng.htm On day 9th September will happen an occultation of Ceres visible from North America www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/occ-09-09-2012_eng.htm
  12. Difficult to observe but very interesting in the evening www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/trio14-08-2012_eng.htm
  13. Visibily of the occultation www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/occ-13-08-2012_eng.htm
  14. Conjunction Vesta-Aldebaran In the night between 5th and 6th August the asteroid Vesta will be close to Aldebaran www.pierpaoloricci.it/eventi/vesta06-08-2012_eng.htm
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