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  1. Haha it's always easier when it's somebody else's isn't it?
  2. This forum is great, I'm really quite new to this, as are many here, but you gusy are very welcoming and full of lots of friendly advice! I'm taking it all on board, definately, and will have a look around at my options. It's such a beautiful thing astronomy, and looking at the planets, and everybody is always so keen to help and get you started. Thanks guys
  3. A nice difference from the stock 10mm EP the Gohan75? I'll consider my original choice of the 7mm, but might end up getting another also. Will see how it goes, Got a few things up for sale atm so all will depend on if they sell really. How clear was Jupiter? I don't expect much from the moons, but sounds good!
  4. All excellent suggestions folks, Looks like i've got some more googling to do I've had no probs with my supplied 2x Barlow though i have to say, Doesn't seem to have any negative effects on what i've viewed so far. All been really crisp & clear
  5. Don't worry, you are all helping regardless of how small you think your input might be. It's all good to me Yeah i realise the 5mm with the Barlow would be probably be pushing it, or beyond, but just thought i'd ask to make sure. I'm quite happy to get a good eyepiece and use it on it's one. Really though, without much experience i don't know if i should spend a bit more or not. The X-Cel's seem like a good choice atm but i will look at Meade as suggested. Nephilim, the difference between the stock SW 10mm and your Meade: How much larger, percentage wise was Jupiter to you? Again, i hate to s
  6. 5mm X-Cel may be my choice too, I'm not looking to buy untill the end of the month so plenty time to choose/read up. I've got no other experience other than with my own gear aswell so i'll probably be please with anything better than the stock EP's. Did you run the 5mm on its own, or with your barlow aswell?
  7. The more i read, it makes me think that my cautious 7mm choice might not be enough for what i'd like to see. I'm likely to want to upgrade my Barlow at some stage also. I was viewing Jupiter with the stock SW 2x Barlow and the 10mm EP, Saw more than i expected, could make out the stripes and colours. I'm just looking for that extra something that will help, for now at least, with viewing Jupiter, Saturn etc. Taking all your thoughts it
  8. Some good reading here, was linked to it after starting my thread. Seems i have a bit of a trickier choice now
  9. Thanks guys, will work my through that thread too. Didn't spot that Now, i'm no maths guru at all so i can get a little lost when it comes to all the numbers, but i'm aware of not trying to get max magnification. I could make out the detail on Jupiter, but it was just that wee bit too small. If i could get a little more then it'd be perfect. I was quite amazed at how clear my seeing was, and how well i was able to focus. Surely is addictive
  10. Hey folks, First of all i know allot of you will no doubt be rolling your eyes at such a noobie post, but having recently spent 4-5 hours outside in the freezing cold of a crisp clear night staring in awe at Jupiter and its moons (for the first time) and a couple of other objects, i've pretty much decided that planetery viewing is what really excites me. It's beautiful. I will view other objects of course, but i'd really like to add another eyepiece to help me see our neighbours (the planets, not a peeping tom haha). I'm using what came with the scope, as many other new gazers do but what wou
  11. This will be my first winter with a telescope, I feel already that i may have to stock up on some warmer threads if i'm to be staring intp the cold night sky
  12. If you do find something then pop a post up, We visit Florida as often as we can. Be good to hear of a place that does this kind of stuff
  13. Yeah i was so close to seeing the second last flight last year, Travelled out twice and it was delayed, Was launched two days after i left. Was still really cool seeing Endeavour on the launch pad though. The shuttle that was on display was just a mock up, the new Atlantis Exibit will be great when it opens next year
  14. Can't edit, It was called Miracle Photo in Titusville. They were a Celestron dealer but it's nopw closed. Sorry
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