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  1. it could be possibly be ye, it was custom wavelet settings as i didnt find the perfect scheme for this particular image.
  2. i haven't posted on here for a while because ive had astrophotography burnout (is that possible?) but thought i'd try moon photography for the first time and try stacking multiple images with Registax, i would like any feedback possible and i am meaning relative to a professional taking this photograph because i want to get better. This was about 6 frames stacked. Equipment used Camera - Canon 100d Lens - Sigma 70-300mm f 5.6 DG Tripod - Zomei Z818
  3. thanks for the advice. I did about 10 frames of the same thing, unguided obviously and tried to play around with stacking but to no avail for the moment. To be honest i tried with 8 seconds at first then saw it on the camera and looked amazing so i panicked and just did a lot of them until i zoomed in and saw the trail.
  4. I made a promise, albeit trivial promise to myself to post my first picture taken when i got my first ever setup. it's not my first true photo as i had no idea how to work the camera at first but its my best photo from my first session taken the other night. It's a picture of Pleiades i think taken the other night. has very slight post-processing (still getting the hang of it) and just one frame. If anyone has any tips i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Exposure - 8s Focal Length - 55mm ISO - 1600 Aperture - f/5.6 Setup i used - Camera - Canon 100d
  5. if you purely want the best camera for Astrophotography without money problems then the 6d i would choose. For more on a budget go for the 100d/1300d/650d.
  6. i took your advice on this. Got my Camera, SA and getting my 300mm lens. i got good results with just my 18-55mm on the tripod already. Cheers Dave
  7. Looking for a Sky Watcher Star Adventurer. Looking for the mount, EQ wedge, Dovetail/Ball head bracket and counterweight. Willing to collect if nearby (Blackpool, Lancashire) if not i will pay for postage.
  8. normally i dont post things i have just bought but felt like i needed to post this but i have just won a Samyang/Rokinon 35mm f1.4 UMC for £161. Now i havent used this lens but it was highly reccommened for AP and looking at brand new prices they are north of 250. Have i truly got a bargain or is it the going rate?
  9. don't do this to me rich haha. il be honest i woke up today getting ready to order the z818 and just thought with it being a clone and chinese made and manufactured and a few reviews saying its cheaply made. I wish there was just a few models of tripods made and there was a general consensus of what majority use and it would be a lot easier to choose....
  10. i think ive found my tripod, im gonna get the rsf-324 with the rsh-61/30 cheaper ball head but will only use the head for DSLR photography only. thanks for the info.
  11. very interesting, just seen a few decent reviews on it but the problem is there doesn't seem to be any available s/h on famous auctioning sites, can they only be bought on the official website?
  12. thank you for your input. more research to be done.
  13. It doesn't help really but that's my fault not yours haha, I've changed my mind about 20 times on what tripod i'm gonna get and still can't decide, the thing that put me off what you saying it needs to be tightened regularly on the leg clamps..........
  14. nice one and if my memory serves right the ioptron is around the same weight as the adverturer, did you have any bigger lenses than the 16-35 you said? cheers
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