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  1. Must still be clear where you are - it's all gone rather cloudy and cool in Gloucestershire
  2. Hello Ron, and welcome to the forums - good to see another new Gloucestershire lad here
  3. Hi Danny, și Bine ai venit! My wife is from Mangalia, Constanța. Whereabouts are you? Anyway, a big welcome to the forums, and Clear Skies to you!
  4. Thanks for starting this thread Timbo, The Plough is possibly in the most easy patch of sky for me to see as my back garden is a bit closed in, so all this information is very relevant for me too, and gives me something to look out for. Here's hoping we get some cloudless skies again very soon
  5. I too managed to get our new scope out. I dashed home to Gloucestershire from Ruislip and made it back home with just enough time to get the scope outside and cooled before setting up, by which time he sky was beginning to darken. I could see saturn from my back garden (Just!) over some houses, and as it sank in the sky I was able to follow it down a gap between the houses and trees. This was our first viewing, of our first target with our first telescope and I am completely blown away by it. I woke up my very sleepy 8 year old and he was very excited to see it too, with the ring very clearly visible. Tracking Saturn was indeed something of a steep learning curve with the 10" Dob, but I am already quickly getting the hang of it, and able to line it up in the targeting viewfinder in such a position it passes right across the eyepiece. I really could do with some much closer views of Saturn which means some other eyepieces but need to research this thoroughly first
  6. Just when I am back to work (I work away from home from 11am to 11pm with a 1.5 hour drive at either end) Actually it was clear all day yesterday and today - but yet again it has clagged in a bit in the sly from the late evening
  7. Thanks Dennis. Yep they honoured their offer - and what an offer it was! My neighbour tells me she wasn't unduly concerned as they have big adverts in some of the RSPB magazines apparently. Quite a prize. I would love to know how many folk took them up on that 10" Flextube!
  8. You lot are such a bunch of doubting Thomases To be honest I too had to remain very open minded about it after my neighbour went ahead with the purchase on Sunday evening! Nothing had been heard since - the suspense was killing us, and then yesterday it finally showed up! ...Nothing ventured, nothing gained! A BIG "Thank you" is in order to Dennistutt for drawing this to our attention. Well done!
  9. Took me a year to choose our scope! And when I thought I was there I ran into some self doubt - but found out I was actually right in my choice with the help of others here. I'm all for everyone else 'chiming in' on my thread! I think it's absolutely terrific that others are getting something out of it - Fill yer boots!
  10. Thanks Steve_meg. It is interesting to get everyone's opinions from all angles both good and bad. All this helps me steer my course along what I will and won't decide to do, so thank you for your input
  11. It seems this thread is turning out to be a huge help to a lot of other folk here so that's really good!
  12. Hi Mitchelln thanks for the reply, I did wonder about those sticky pads - in my mind I would imagine they would let the thing wobble around all over the shop - obviously this is not the case - so very interesting feedback, thanks for that! I was thinking the way to get the thing straight would be to make, and use, some large V blocks to get the initial position - but as you say - the top trim must be pretty square (hopefully)
  13. Thanks Steve. I've not yet had a real chance to investigate this device properly, though I did note there are two ways of fixing this to the scope. I imagine any attachment has to be done with a huge degree of accuracy...?
  14. I would be bouncing off the walls with delight if that was mine! Well done!
  15. I've just been cruising through these forums and stumbled on your post. Some of these observatory projects are truly inspiring I'm sorry to hear of your setback, but regardless of being a complete stranger, I wish you well too, and eagerly look forward to seeing the project progress here soon.
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