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  1. Same, unless the secondary is looking a bit mucky, then I let it get a bit wet.
  2. Yep found that, was just after a some first hand experiences.
  3. Hi All, Very excited about my xmas present from the family......can anyone please recommend some nice accommodation for myself and the current Mrs Barnes ? Phil.
  4. Ahh...ooops...sorry In that case then I'd choose Galileo Galilei before he upset the Pope, oh no, there I go again. Soz
  5. They've finally got it right. WELL DONE SKY AT NIGHT TEAM. Now resist the temptation to change it all again.
  6. I'm in Northants too and yes, it has been rather good. May get some breaks in the cloud tonight.
  7. Thanks all, I think I'll strip it back, clean it and put some fancy lube type stuff on it........(make your own dirty joke) Phil.
  8. Hi All, The base of my dob seems to have lost it's smooth running. I've unscrewed the central nut and had a look to make sure nothing is trapped in there but am at a loss as to what to do. Can anyone help me please as to the kind of maintenance I should be doing to keep everything running smoothly? Thanks. Phil.
  9. I left mine out last night and it was a tad wet this morning! I've done this before and just left it to dry, as said before, these mirrors have to be pretty filthy before needing a clean. Can I ask how you cleaned and dried it ? Phil.
  10. Which would be great for those countries still in the EU...........
  11. I had a couple of mates over last night, neither of which has a telescope. I set up the Dob as well as the deck chairs so they could have a look at some deep sky objects. In the end they saw the ring nebulae and M13 and were blown away, lots of "wow" and "oh my god that's amazing". I presume at yours they would have been shown a colour printout ?
  12. That is awesome, would buy in a heart beat.
  13. The show the month before was great, what the hell were they doing spending an entire show on a random bunch of stones arranged in a pretty pattern?
  14. Agreed, not good at all. I know it was the 20min version but it was a bit rubbish.
  15. Thanks all. 9 degrees is a tad low!
  16. I would love to point my 'scope at the centre of the Milky Way. Now I know I won't see anything but just to know I'm looking in the correct place would, for me, be fun. Anyone know where to look or do I have to move to Australia? Phil.
  17. Best of luck with bath time, rather you than me. It's my secondary mirror that's a tad grubby, what's the best way to get that clean?
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