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  1. Hi folks, noticed there's a smudge (not finger print) inside the starsense camera lense on my skyprodigy 130, bought this scope second hand last year its been there since i got it. Just wondering what would be the best way to clean this smudge off, I wouldnt say its affecting the star sense set-up much, but there is a slight miss allignment when going through set-up and locating a few objects. Also it seems to be affecting how many objects the camera picks up during set-up. Had a look on flo, there's a celestron lenses pen would this do the job, never had to clean any lenses/eyepieces before, not sure if the camera one is as delicate as an eyepiece? Was thinking cotton bud and fairy up liquid? no?
  2. Hey folks, I need a little advice on the first couple eyepieces to buy. Just got a new scope, skyprodigy 130, off ebay, but it only came with a 25mm Kellner eyepiece. I have two other eyepieces from my old tal-1, a 25mm plossl, and a 15mm kellner, i also have a x3 tal barlow. After reading the eyepiece post "Eyepieces - the very least you need", Im looking at getting a 7.5mm for high power, 15/20mm for medium, 25mm for low (i think) I had a flick through the FLO websites eyepieces looking at skywatcher/celestron plossls, only worry i have is reading the description it mentions the eyepieces are best suited for f6 scopes or slower, the skyprodigy is an f5, will this have much of an effect? Are 5/6 element eyepices better suited for an f5 scope? I'm looking at speding about £75 ish, either 1 or 2 eyepieces and a light pollution filter. Cheers.
  3. Had this problem last night, pulled my scope out the cupboard after a couple months of neglect and being a decently clear night was hoping to see Jupiter for the first time, failing that moon was nice and bright. Im still new to using scopes, and finding things in the night sky but fancied my chances of finding Jupiter as its basically right next to the moon this month. I found Jupiter easilly enough but it was a bit off a pain keeping it in view when I'd go in for coffee after loosing the feeling in my fingers, when it was centered in my finderscope it wasnt anywhere to be seen through the eyepiece. Being new to all this i thought it was maybe a collimation problem , but after a little thought i now realise its the srews on the finderscope not being set up right. Ive fixed this though, thanks to the chimey pot a few house away, i just centered it in the eyepiece then again in the finder scope, holding it in place with one hand and adjusting the screws accordingly. Tonight looks clear again, so I'll give it another go later on.
  4. I think it's just because it old and was abit stiff, its in new condition, but its the older tal-1 version so its been sitting in a box for ages. Hopefully clear skies tonight, I'll try and get to grips with the movements. Cheers for the help.
  5. Got it moving, sellotaped a few sheets of kitchen roll together and gave it a bash with a hammer Am I right in thinking this should now be set now to my latitude? Googled my area, says 56N. Cheers for the replies.
  6. Hey folks, just got a Tal-1 scope (first scope) a few days ago and set it up ok. Managed to collimate it (i think), eveything seems centred, the primary mirror just needed a little moving. Only have one problem, i think its called the 'latitude lock lever' i cant seem to move this, I have some photos to help. The lever doesnt budge at all, do I need to loosen the bolt in the photo's to solve this? The bolt/screw at the back (2nd photo) is really tight too though which is a pain. Cheers!
  7. I've been using http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/?tab=fiveDay, found it quite good
  8. Got it for £110 in total (£25 p&p) Anyone had one of these oldies? Should get it tuesday. weather not looking too good that day obviuosly
  9. Ah right, you would think they would make it a little less obvious
  10. Hey folks, just bought my first scope from *cough* ebay. Been looking at scopes for a beginner for a month or two and bought one i'd seen recently on ebay, was looking for a skywatcher dob but found this one, and decided to go for it. Now, i took a little bit of a risk as the gentleman selling it doesnt know anything about it, he runs a second hand shop and must have just came across it at some point so couldnt give much details, although he said its brand new and hadnt been opened before. Im new to all this (first scope) but it looked ok to me, and going by the pictures it looks similar to a tel-1, he did say its from 1999 and russian. Im just wondering if anyone had one of these and can give some pointers - any issues with the scope etc? Bought a collimator and moon filter to go with it, im think a 13 year old scope might need collimated If it is a Tal-1 the new ones seen to come with a couple lenses and barlow, hopefully this one does too. The mount looks sturdy, think it couple hold something bigger? What do you guys think? cheers!
  11. Stumbled across a little bargain myself http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=290754338102, :huh: Was bidding on this a few days ago, just had a look at the price now, must be made of gold. I thought it was a skywatcher evostar 90/120 maybe - clearly not?
  12. Hey folks, Ive been looking at telescopes for the last couple weeks pondering which to buy. I'm new to astronomy and looking for a decent scope, with a budget of about £500. For this budget I'm thinking off the following set-up: >Scope >Collimator >Light pollution Filter >Maybe an eyepiece or two I've had a good look around and read reviews etc for various scopes, I'm thinking of getting the Skywatcher Explorer 200 http://www.firstligh...r-200p-eq5.html From what ive read this is the same as the skyliner 200 dobsonian, just different mounts. The dobsonian price wise is tempting - leaving cash for shiney eyepieces and other kit, but I'm sure I would upgrade the mount to an EQ one and add a computer tracking systems sooner or later. Most likely ordering from FLO they seem to be the most reputable, has anyone had a price match from them? Ive seen the explorer 200 EQ5 from here http://www.optical-s...#38;language=gb abit cheaper, though havent read anything about this site good/bad so not sure about it, do you think FLO will price match this? I've also been looking at extra eyepieces, to add to the 10mm and 25 mm ones that come with the scope. I'm thinking of a 5mm or 6mm one for more detail oberving, something like http://www.firstligh...rthoscopic.html or the 6.3mm http://www.firstligh...-eyepieces.html Am i right in thinking for the Explorer 200, a 5mm eyepiece is the max this scope can take? Going by 1000 (aperature) / 5 (eyepiece) = 200 x2 (barlow) = 400 Is this the Highest Practical Power (Potential): x400 of the scope? Found a website that compares a telescope/eyepiece set up views of various objects http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm Can anyone give any info on this site, if its a good idea of the sort of images attainable. The Explorer 200 with x2 barlow and 5mm Baader eyepiece views look great.
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