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  1. Thank you very much for your thorough answer @MartinB, it means alot! I purposely made the background dark just to give it a more "realistic" look, but also trying to keep Alnitak at a minimum and being afraid of introducing too much noice. I guess you're right, 10 hours should be enough to give it a good stretch Will definitely have another go with the processing trying different stretches, and also dive into the noice reduction section of Light Vortex and perhaps learn how to use masks. Great tip with the log tool, will have a look at that since I'm having some troubles with the
  2. I managed 4 more hours on NGC2024, totalling just over 10 hours. Also gave it a bit more love during post processing, but I think that someone more experienced would be able to produce a way better end result Maybe I stretched it a bit to far, looks too noisy for 10 hrs I think this is about my limit under my Bortle 8 skies with my current equipment. Thanks for looking!
  3. Wow, stunning image, theres so much going on in there! I can't see any insects at all though First time I've heard about RASA scopes, might have to look into them a bit further
  4. As the imaging season is coming to an end for me I thought I´d share the two images I´ve been working on this winter. I still consider myself as a beginner, especially when it comes to processing, I´ve been following the Light Vortex tutorials for Pixinsight. As I live next to an airport in Stockholm it feels like I have everything working against my imaging, but I´m not giving up I have an Celestron AVX mount with a Skywatcher 150p, and an Starlight Express SXVR-H18 and some Baader NB filters. What do you all think would benefit my imaging the most, upping the mount, scope, camera or filters
  5. Looking great! I tried ethernet over power cable for my obs, but had lots of trouble with network stability due to the fact that my router was not on the same circuit. I eventually had to drill a hole in a wall near the router and connect the obs with a good old network cable. My wife hasn't noticed the hole yet, and 3 weeks has passed, keeping my fingers crossed /Patrik
  6. Wow, more snow than I've seen all year here Do you know the model name/number of the NUC? I have only found Intel NUCs with four (external) USB ports
  7. I know, it's a bit overkill with all those com-ports, must be designed for indusrial use. I do like 8 usb-ports through. SSD is a very solid advice. Most computers are rated for operation above 5 degrees, but I don't think the cold (down to -10 degrees) is any problem, maybe humidity and dust.
  8. Yes, but I think 8 gigs will suffice, it's only gonna be used for controlling all my gear running SGP and PHD
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking along those lines as well. The lid open around 110 degrees and comes to a rest leaning on my houses roof However I over-compensated while building the lid, so it weighs around 80 kg and I would probably need two acutators with a stroke length of around 120-130 centimeters
  10. Hi Now that my obs is finished I'm trying to make everything fully automated. There's two things left, opening/closing of the lid/roof and acquiring flats. I realized that I'm gonna need a better PC that can withstand the humidity/temperature 24/7. Does anyone have any suggestions? First of all I'm thinking small size (to be fitted on the scope to minimize flexure), fanless and lots of USB-ports so that I wont need a USB-hub. Something like this maybe? https://www.banggood.com/Eglobal-GK-Mini-Pc-I7-4500U-8G-RAM-128G256G512G-SSD-Wifi-DDR3-Windows-78910-Linux-1_8GHz-Fanless-Mini-
  11. Just what I were looking for! Thank you very much
  12. Anyone know of an easy way to mark bad image files (FITS format)? I have some 100 fits files from my last session, and want a good way of quickly look through them and mark the bad ones with a prefix so that I don't have to run them through the SubframSelection in PixInsight. I have some FITS viewing applications, but none are easy to use for this purpose, they are all built to open one image at a time, close it, open the next etc. Thanks /Patrik
  13. Found this thread by accident, and sorry for kind of hi-jacking it, but I wanted to direct a big thank you to @Scooot I have been following the tutorials on Light Vortex, and they are excellent...but I was not aware of the above. Attaching a sample with and without bias calibrated darks. To the left is a stack of images calibrated with a bias calibrated master dark, to the right is a stack calibrated with a master dark without bias calibration. Thanks /Patrik
  14. The Astrodons are obviously better than my Baader filters, so lets hope for the best My Baader NB filters also claim to be parfocal, but are not on my f/5 scope...atleast not parfocal enough to produce pinpoint stars without a refocus. /Patrik
  15. Nice one! Love this target but have never come around to imaging it myself. Sorry to spoil the fun, but is there really such a thing as a parfocal imaging setup (using "normal" f-ratios)? I'm not an expert but would say no /Patrik
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