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  1. Sounds awsome I've never really considered building models of space probes, might give it a go myself. Think i will wait to see your finished one first though
  2. I dont think you should have much of a problem learning the constellations. When i got my first scope i didnt know qny of them either, I would really recommend getting some skymap software though e.g Stellarium it really helped me to learn my way round the sky very quickly Hope you enjoy using your first scope
  3. I appreciate what you are saying, but overall i think will probably be using my scope mostly for observing, i just want to keep my options open so that i can try some AP with (hopefully) some reasonable results. Put it this way; if i had to choose between observing and AP, i would pick observing. thanks for your feedback
  4. Thanks to everyone who replied so quickly you have given me a lot of helpful answers and a lot to think about :smiley:
  5. I am in the process of purchasing a new telescope and would like to try my hand at some astro photography but need a scope that is also good for observing aswell because i enjoy simple observing aswell. So far i have found a couple of scopes wich could be possibles: Skywatcher Explorer 300P DS f4.9 Skywatcher Quattro Imaging Newtonian (10" steel) f4 :confused: I am leaning toward the Explorer 300P because it has a longer focal length so i thought that it will be more versitile. However i am undecided, is a f4.9 telescope fast enough for AP? and would the extra length on the explorer make the scope a lot less stable on my mount (the mount im getting is the EQ6)? Thanks for any replies
  6. I have been trying to think up an analogy to help myself visualise the "multiverse theory" and i think i may have come up with one however i might be completely of the mark, here goes: Could you say that each universe has a specific frequency like on a radio, and you have to tune in to that specific frequency to hear it. All of the different radio stations (universes) are all there at the same time in the same place but you can only hear one of them. Does this analogy make sense or relate to the theory? Or am i missunderstanding some fundemental part of it? The more i think about it the more confused i get, if what i have wrote above is incorrect then surely that must mean that there is a boundary between each universe, but that would imply tht the universe is finite. I'm just going to stop riting there, i am probably waffling...
  7. Hi, i watched the programme Horizon a coupe of nights ago and i understood most of what they said but got really confused when they started talking about th size of the universe. One theory they mentiod said that the universe was infinite in size and that there are an infinite number of universes. But surely even if there were more than one universe of infinite size then they would have to overlap???? I am probably making no sense so could someone please explain and clarify this theory? Thanks
  8. After three and a half weeks I finally have a clear night sky, not a cloud in sight :grin: :grin: Anyone else free at last to observe the night sky or are you still waiting? I hope its the former but if not, unlucky and I'm sure your time will come soon
  9. So would the HEQ5 be able to handle the 8" instead of the 10" then?
  10. Hi all, I'm thinking of buying this scope but cant find the weight anywhere online. I'm thinking of mounting it on an HEQ5 SynTrek mount but i'm not sure if the mount is good enough to hold this OTA steady because as you can probably guess i'm planning to try my hand at astrophotography. So is this mount good enough or will i have to rethink my options? Looking forward to reading your replies, Thanks btw i'm probably going to have to get the steel OTA
  11. Looks great By the way, which scope did you use?
  12. Looks fantastic.........much better than what ive done anyway
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