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  1. Very nice Kevin, with the meteor caught as well makes it an even prettier shot as well. Good to see you again as well. Regards Gordon
  2. Do Like widefields, Love the Cassiopeia one. Double and Andromeda shining through there, Nice Gordon
  3. No Probs, Image from camera ( just resized to the same as above ) if you want to play with the full res version send me a PM and i will email it to you. Play away (click to enlarge) Regards Gordon
  4. Thanks for the comments Lads Yes Kevin, will be at Kielder, Rain or Shine, Sun or Snow. be good to see you again, Ta Gordon
  5. Well it's been easily a year before i have had chance to take any pics. Went to Dalby Star Party and was rewarded with a beautiful Clear sky for a few Hours. Did visual stuff most of the night, but did take one widefield shot before the clouds rolled in. Widefield of Cygnus 190sec ( plus a dark ) with a modded 300d and a 50mm Cheapo Canon lens set at f2. Bit noisy still, But Chuffed to bits with it since it is the first piccy done in over year ! (click to enlarge) Regards Gordon
  6. For Me, Mains Inverter for giving the laptop and Camera battery chargers a kick. Leatherman, as it is always inevitable that things become loose and require tools, easy to carry one tool rather than a box of them. Hartman Masks, agree with above, good and free Planisphere ( Cos the lappy is either going flat or doing other jobs ) 4way Cig socket adaptor Beer But the best thing, when observing away from home ( and always keep them near buy ) Simple, Humble, Large Plastic rubble bags, As you always get those little moments of passing drizzle, throw a few of them over the all the kit until it pa
  7. Gordon G


    Hello CG Your are going to get your Dad to post a bit as well ;-) Gordon
  8. You have answered my question perfectly there. Ti's a shame it collides with small scopes. Would have been perfect a grab and go for holidays, easy to pack away and carry. Still a nice bit of kit though do like it and you have got some nice results. Ta Gordon
  9. Very Nice, Good to see the old favorites back round again ! Cheers Gordon
  10. Would be intresting to see the results good or bad from the 80mm when you get time. Hope they are good, really impressed with that setup you have. Spot on for Going on hols with, but agree with the above statments regarding costs if you don't already have a quality photo tripod already. Regards Gordon
  11. Nice review enjoyed reading that ! got a little 80mm WO and often thought of an upgrade, cleared a few things up there. Thanks
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