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  1. Check out this article on the European Space Agency's VISTA telescope! http://www.extremete...f-the-milky-way They have compiled an single mosaic image made from thousands of pictures taken with the VISTA telescope (VISTA = Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy). The result is a 9 gigapixle image (108,500x81,500) that is 24.6 gigabytes in size!!!! Considered the single most detailed image of the Milky Way ever produced, astronomers have been able to catalog 84 million stars in this picture alone. Using the Infrared capabilities they were able to cut through the dust that occupies
  2. Just a note, the article says 170 LY not 1700, so its actually really close to us (relatively speaking of course).
  3. I have an Android, i use a program called "Night Mode" which will take the brightness so far below the phones allowable settings you can barely see it in daytime. Makes it ridiculously dim down to like 13% of the brightness when fully dimmed by the phone, combine that with "SkEye" (astronomy app) which has a built in "Night Mode" which makes everything Red.
  4. I wish this wasn't true. I wish people were motivated by a legit interest in exploring rather than a need to feel "better" or "smarter" or "stronger" than the people of another nation. Chances are if China does push heavy on getting to the moon i expect Americans to react either with "been there done that" and diminish China's accomplishments and remain stagnant, or they will react "well now we're going to mars to one up you". The internet meme that popped up during the Olympics about how U.K. hosted the Olympics and America landed a rover on mars was a sign that the biggest support comes from
  5. the biggest shame is that the Tax payers here in America don't seem to want to fund any space exploration I have had debates with people who question what going to space has brought society. There's a serious lack of vision in today's youth. I just hope the private sector is up to the task of keeping that torch going!
  6. For me it came when playing "Skyrim"....i found myself spending a good 30 minutes looking at the Northern Lights that appear in that game at night. Then i realized i was looking at a video game and i felt weird. Then i remembered that i don't get the Northern Lights where i live so i kept looking hahaha.
  7. Next time i'll try to get above the tree line
  8. Hello All!! Some of you may have read one of my previous posts where i went to a "poor mans" dark site a month or so ago and was blown away by the sights! Well i recently went on a trip to a legitimate Dark Sky site! Actually i went to several locations all of which are so far away from urban centers and city lights, they are considered some of the best places for Astronomy in my State. The first stop was Medicine Lake California, deep inside the Modoc National Forest. I was very excited to see some brilliant stars. The first night there was Sept. 15th which gave me a night free of the Moons a
  9. I had intended to get into AP before going for a dedicated Solar Telescope. I ended up going the other way and recevied my Coronado PST today hoping to make lots of use of this bad boy since i can bring it to work and use it on lunch!
  10. If i were outside using my telescope and some bitter old lady came outside and stared at me with those "accusatory" looks that only old people can do, i'd simply slew my telescope directly at her and stare at her until she left. And after she stormed off in a huff, i'd sit back, rub some of my beard hairs between my fingers, and take a sip of my whiskey. Then get back to work
  11. When i am stargazing, i find that even when i am with others doing the same, i feel more "grounded" than when i do it alone. What i mean to say is, that when i am stargazing alone, i feel as if i am being pulled out into the universe through my telescope. I could sit there and stare for over 30 minutes at the same object and never get bored or distracted. I have gone out late at night after my g/f falls asleep and ended up outside until 4am just silently allowing myself to be fully immersed in the sights and wonders above me. When i am with others, i tend to feel a need to connect more with t
  12. I can hardly wait for Orion to return to our skies here. I do miss Saturn already though, it sets far too soon these days.
  13. Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Keep your heads high, as far as i know, these DSO's aren't going anywhere! Just gonna have to take advantage the first clear day you get, drive someplace dark and maximize the clear skies! Perhaps plan something like "Mavericks" surf competition but for a star party! They give those who wish to partake a 24 hour warning, and that's how long they have from wherever they are in the world. Pick a location for a Mavericks Like Star Party in the UK, and when the weather looks like it'll clear up, it's a 24 hour window to lift off come one come all
  14. So we have had very very nice weather here in California, for a long time now. I know that's what most people think about California, just sunny days all the time. But the truth is that there are plenty of days with clouds. Just not that much rain. And being that i live near the coast, most years theres a heavy dose of overcast at night. However, i have enjoyed cloudless nights at least 95% of the time in the past 2 months. No joke! In honor of the fact that a good number of people on this site cannot enjoy such weather as often, i make it a point to make the most of it by taking my scope out
  15. Here are some others for further comparison Mylar Film Filter, Sun Spots H-A filter PST, Solar Flares. (Image was not blurry with the eyes. nor was the center redish, it was high contrast when looking through the scope)
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