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  1. I've been pretty lucky here on the Herts and Essex borders. Must have had four or five good nights at it over the past 10 days. Binoculars is all you need for a great view, the tail is pretty spectacular. I don;t have a wide view lens for my scope unfortunately but not sure how much better it can get than bins in real time.
  2. Is the OIII Filter effective on most nebulae of this type? Would it for instance really enhance the Ring Nebula significantly or even the Orion nebulae? Just wondering as an occasiional 'hobby' astronomer how much different a view it might give me of these objects than I've known to date. Many thanks!
  3. Drive over and stop off to camp on the way. You might get some good views in the pyrenees at night!
  4. If it actually is moving it would be amazing if SGL had discovered a comet. Would we call it Comet Stargazerslounge or let our Texas member claim it? Are you in El Paso Cutepetgroomer, just out of interest?
  5. The ice cap was easily seen visually tonight from here. The best seeing in a while.
  6. This is a pretty unique capture of Ison now bearing in mind what has happened.
  7. Although I think my chances of seeing it are slim...
  8. I believe Halley's next return is expected to be better if not a classic. It will be closer to the earth at the right time and expected to be 0 mag as opposed to the 2ish it was in '86.
  9. It does look like a diffuse smear. However there could be a lot of debris there and while it may not and probably won't be an active comet in the next week or two there could still be some interesting phenomena to view, whether in binoculars or a scope if there is forward scattering from the debris.
  10. I think having an understanding of our geography in the univers and being able to look out and see where we are in relation to everything else but also see the beauty of the larger 'landscape' is very life affirming. It let's you see how insignificant we are physically but how significant we are to the universe that we are there to witness it.
  11. and don't all comets dim as they move away from the sun anyway? So depending on the capture settings and it's actual absolute Mag at the time before it dims it still might be pretty bright. Just trying to stay positive!
  12. The only optimistic thing I'd say is as the comet dims in that video so does the sun and everything else in it, so perhaps a processing or other anomaly?
  13. I don't know what you are talking about but it sounds blumming impressive!
  14. You can think of somebody with long hair walking ever quicker towards a powerful fan, running around it then slowing to a walk again.
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