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  1. Awesome! Thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated. Obviously, I'm planning to set up an small refractor for imaging ... hence my interest. This model box was on my shortlist of readymades, along with the hinged lid Suncast (with suitable counterweights) and the Biohort Store Max. I'd imagined that access would be a bit of a squeeze. On the other hand, it would seem they're fairly weather-tight.Now if only I could get my southern hemisphere pier converted for northern hemisphere use.
  2. I note that neither IanL or Earl followed through with the idea of a Suncast slide-off 'pico-observatory'. Would either party care to comment on what decided them against the mini-shed?
  3. The holder you describe is available from TruTek (http://www.trutek-uk.com) http://www.trutek-uk.com/cwss/m42abc.JPG There's M42 and t thread versions hidden in their SuperSlim Filter Wheel price list as: M42A Low profile male-male adapter M42-M42, takes 1.25" filter, 4mm flange £15 M42C As above, T-thread-T-thread, 4mm flange £15 I've used the t threaded ring for many years and found it an indispensable bit o' kit.
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