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  1. Think mine does about 3 cups but doesn't take that long!
  2. I'm with you wookie... kettles are for wimps!
  3. Your mates wife? Summat wrong there then!!
  4. Ah, I remember nights like this well! When we got our dog, we had only just moved house so no internal doors... our cats spent their nights winding him up because he couldn't get out of his pen! Was bliss the first night we had doors! Good luck with your puppies! I expect to see pics of them at the weekend!
  5. Not got my welcome pack... have emailed James to investigate! Went to bed early - just in case I'm coming down with something, and typical - I woke up at 1:30am... now wide awake! Boo! On the plus side, not feeling half as bad as what I was... As soon as the shops open, I'm off to get some Beecham+ tablets and other stuff to try and hold this cold at bay....
  6. Not happy.... temp is starting to rise, getting a sore throat, and feeling very ill.... off to bed with some Vitamin C and zinc... I WILL NOT BE ILL FOR THIS WEEKEND.....
  7. I don't think its got anything to do with collimation. Both scopes are fine. Not tried recently with the SLT 130 - last time I tried was very early in the year, when it is fairly low down (for me), and given that there is more atmospheric disturbance lower down, then that could have been a factor. First tried with the CPC 800 over summer. I put it down to the fact that it just wasn't dark enough (it was at zenith - or near enough - at that point so should have been better seeing conditions), but since trying at the Brecon Beacons at the beginning of Sep, I thought I would have got it easily, but I didn't. Admittedly, the lowest power EP I had with me was the 8mm (and no Barlow) but I think that the 6mm PLOSSL is way over the top for that scope anyway. I used the scope all weekend, and lots of others looked through it too... I was mightily impressed with the views it gives (it was the first time at a dark sky site with this scope) and was chuffed to knock a few other things off my list, but just frustrated that I couldn't get this. Think my next step would be to try again without the focal reducer (just in case) and hope that Shane can give me some help at PSP2013...
  8. I will be at the Peak Star Party when this is happening... Really hope the weather is on our side. Can't think of a better place to be during such an event. If I was at home, I'd be on my own viewing it - with no one around to get excited with! Of course, if the weather is pants at the star party, and we have clear skies at home, I'll be fuming!!
  9. This is the view I see... Except that I can't resolve them. I've only had the CPC 800 since May, so only been trying with that scope since then, and with a focal reducer. Was wondering if this would affect it, because it does give a more 'zoomed out' sort of view.
  10. I think you'll find that I said 'remind me' when its on.
  11. Would the use of a focal reducer (with the CPC 800) be limiting my efforts when trying to resolve them?
  12. Just had another thought... maybe its my eyes!
  13. Yes, going to PSP... would appreciate the help with this one... So far, its the only thing I've not been able to get, but should be able to get(if that makes sense!).
  14. Definitely, definitely in the right place... checked, checked, rechecked, then checked again... even had other people looking at star parties to confirm I'm in the right place. Obviously must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what.
  15. I'm one of em! To be fair, he's perfectly happy for me to spend time star gazing, and has even come to one star party, but its the money I spend on the hobby he objects to!
  16. It doesn't do it on Sky either... Sky only has about 10 days of programming on it, so even though I have S@N on series record, it never picks up the next episode... I rely on the good members of this forum and the magazine to remind me when its on.
  17. I've tried it with both scopes... and to no avail. Used the highest power EPs with both too.... for the SLT 130 - used 8mm with Barlow and could clearly see 2 stars, but couldn't resolve it into 2 doubles... for the CPC 800 used 6mm Plossl (w/out Barlow), which is pushing the max useful mag., and all I could see was some fuzzy stars. I have tried from both my fairly light polluted back garden, and more recently from the Brecon Beacons (although I only had the 8mm EP with me there - again w/out Barlow) and still no luck. I have tried using a Barlow with the CPC 800, but I just don't feel as though I get as crisp views so generally tend not to bother with a Barlow with this scope. Its not just that I can't resolve it clearly either... every time I've tried, I get perfectly round stars - not even funny shaped ones that would suggest a double. Tried with both 1.25" and 2" inch EPs too. Makes no difference. Will keep trying, but I'm finding it very frustrating!
  18. Cheers for this... OH is not going to be happy if I buy another EP! Oh well.... I wont tell him if you don't!
  19. I haven't ever been able to resolve the double double... do you have any tips?
  20. Will be good to see some familiar faces, and to meet lots of new ones! Not really sure why they've had a shufty around with the pitch alllocations, but not really bothered about it! Just for the record - I take spares of EVERYTHING!!!!! If anyone needs anything, come and find me! Went to a star party in Sep and didn't find out until I got back that one of the guys on my quiz team had serious power issues during the weekend (he didn't mention it) and so didn't use his scope at all. I had spare power leads he could have used if he'd just said something!
  21. I can't begin to tell you how much I wasn't! Harvey - the lad who accepted the prize on behalf of his sister - was a little star! Even made Chris Lintott do a 'manly handshake' when awarding said prize... Priceless moment! I didn't even bake an astro cake... I just made a load of muffins, cupcakes and danishes - and of course, the giant jaffa cake - so I really didn't deserve a win... The only astro related theme was my moon cakes (which were chocolate cupcakes with baked cheesecake inside), but they did go down a treat. Will be making them again for SGL9 now! I'll have to disagree with you on this... This is part of why I love the show - no two shows are the same. There have been other shows with more in-depth science and one-to-one interviews. I appreciate that some people think that the content has been dumbed down, and I can certainly see why, but perhaps this has been done due to the fact that the insiders know that the BBC want to get rid or revamp it. Perhaps the producers are trying to show that it can appeal to a wider audience. For me, SGLive should be a feeder show for TSAN... SGLive appealing to those not currently involved in astronomy (as well as keeping the more in-depth Brian Cox sciency bits!), and then viewers should be directed to TSAN when they are actively involved in the hobby. Its great that they show the different types of telescopes, and explain the differences between them - certainly helped me when I was looking for my first one (I should also add that I hadn't found this forum at that point), and one of my favourite shows was the one where they had people come to Farthings who had telescopes, but had never been able to work out how to use them. It must have been reassuring for all those people out there who felt embarrassed asking for help after making a telescope purchase. I think it would be a real shame for the show to be changed in any significant way - or God forbid - cancelled completely. They do have shows with more science content, but this last show was called their Space Surgery special, and it certainly lived up to this.
  22. Yep, me too! All ready and raring to go now!
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