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  1. I completely understand where you are coming from! I did, however, take the plunge with a 2" diagonal almost immediately! Mainly because I didn't really like the fit of the one supplied. It didn't really seem secure with the heavier BH EPs. This was the one I bought (a WO - maybe the same one you've been looking at?): http://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/william-optics-2-dielectric-diagonal-with-sct-adaptor.html It came with a visual back to fit to the scope, but I didn't like it... made a screeching noise when tightening it, and it just didn't seem right to me. Bought a Baader click stop visual back instead (very handy when you need to alter the position of the EP!) and I think the combination of the two is very good: http://www.tringastro.co.uk/baader-2-inch-clicklock-cl-sc-clamp-2in-sct-thread-2955-p.asp See, now I've given you more ideas on how to spend your money!! Sorry!!
  2. Oooh! Put on the spot now! I use the 13mm every time I get the scope out, usually just on planets, or nearer DSOs. Whether or not your will use it depends upon the objects you want to view. Honestly, I don't want to tell you that you 'have' to have one, you may never use it, or may not like it! I do completely understand the itchy internet trigger finger (I've succumbed on many occasions!), but if I were you - right now - I would wait a couple of months. Get out with the scope as much as you can and try all of the EPs you've got on each of the objects you view. That way, I think you can get a better idea if something is missing from your EP collection. I bought all of my EPs at different times so I could get a better feel for what exactly I wanted. I do think the Baader's are great value for money, but £100 is still £100. If you buy it right now, then decide you don't want/need it, you may end up having to wait to buy something necessary - like dew prevention kit etc. If you do decide to go ahead and buy it immediately, all I will say is that its a very good EP, and for me, a very good magnification. I don't think its too much to add this EP to your collection. A 40mm, 22mm, 13mm and 8mm gives a nice range (I think so anyway!). PS) The 36mm Baader Hyperion I have is the aspheric model and it is very, very good!
  3. Hi James, I have the same scope. In my experience, Barlows don't seem to work that well with this scope - especially at higher magnification - but this could be down to my terrible eyesight! I use the Baader Hyperions with this scope... 36mm, 24mm 13mm and 8mm are the sizes that I use all the time. The 8mm is good for planetary stuff and the rest I use on a variety of DSOs, galaxies etc. I love the fact that they can also be used as 2" EPs so it saves money having to buy more EPs for wider stuff. I will say though, that I think the 8mm is just about at the limit in terms of mag. I have a 6mm plossl but it's really not worth using with this scope (I should point out that there is very little eye relief with that EP though, so that may account for this). I did see (ages ago) other members mentioning vignetting around the edges of the FoV with the combination of this scope and the BH EPs, however, I've never noticed it - but, again, this might be something to do with my eyes! Everyone is different. I use the same EPs with my other scope too (a newtonian reflector) so I will say that I think these EPs are great for the price and I've never had a problem with them. I decided on the magnifications after checking out a thread in the beginners section: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/43171-eyepieces-the-very-least-you-need/ It gave me a really good idea of what sizes I should go for etc... I will also say that this scope has yet to disappoint me! Hope you enjoy it whatever you decide for the EPs. HTH.
  4. I assume the reference is to the ISS...?
  5. There is an advert in this months S@N for a cheap trial... 3 issues for £3. If you want to continue then its £20.95 for every 6 issues after that. www.buysubscriptions.com/skyatnight Might be worth the initial £3 to see if you like it. HTH
  6. I'm always wary of spending that much money on eBay. Whilst it might seem like a good idea, and be slightly cheaper, you're not likely to get the same after sales care that you would get buying from a reputable online retailer. If it was me, I'd spend the extra £30 and get it from somewhere I can trust 100%.
  7. Well, I'll be asking for my money back for the app if they do that. I bought the iPhone and iPad versions (£2.99 each) and were bought purposefully for use with the adapter.
  8. I've seen a sun halo, but never a moon one. Everytime someone on twitter is raving about a moon halo, I go outside to find wall-to-wall cloud! Hmph!
  9. The EP I use most, across both scopes, is the 24mm Baader Hyperion. Whilst not one of the higher end EPs, I love it. And the fact that it also adapts to be a 2" EP means that I can easily switch between the two sizes depending upon what I'm viewing. I've never regretted this purchase - unlike other 'gadgets'!
  10. You've obviously never had the good stuff! Had a try of some very nice Ouzo in Santorini a few years back and it was lurvley!! Never been able to get a decent bottle over here! And absinthe is pure delight! Just don't have too much of the stuff!
  11. As a purely visual observer (for now!), I can't see me wanting - or needing - to get another scope for this. The CPC 800 is at my limit in terms of both size and weight... I seriously wouldn't be able to deal with a dob over 8" - the 10" is taller than me! And anything bigger in the ST or Newt range would probably be too heavy. However, I would seriously love a solar scope of some sort. Been looking at the cheaper Lunts (LS35 I think it is). If I could afford one, I'd buy it like yesterday!
  12. Are you connecting via the Direct Connection mode? I've never managed to get it to connect using the other method. All of my experience with this adapter and app has been via the direct connection method. My apple products are an iPhone 5S and and iPad Air (not sure if this makes any difference since I'm sure it must be to do with the OS and not the actual product. With regards to the 3 lights.... Mine operate the exact same way as yours, so I would assume that means that its working correctly. It is definitely easier to control the scope than to align it. Sometimes, I have to press a direction arrow more than once to get it to recognise my command. At the start of the alignment process, I normally have to try each of the direction buttons in turn before it stars to move, but then it does work and allow me to move the scope. It is easier for me to do it using the IPhone. The iPad is much less responsive to my touch, but again, it does still move. It is a laborious task to align using this gadget - purely because it's difficult to get the app to recognise finger presses, but again, I can do it with both the iPhone and the iPad - albeit with a LOT of perseverance. Since seeing this thread, I've done a little bit of research on this issue and it seems that there are mixed views as to whether its apple's or Celestron's fault, but I can't help but feel this is something that Celestron should be working on - and keeping those who have made complaints updated as to what progress is being made (from their end). Whilst this is a 'gadget' (in the sense that it isn't really necessary for the scope), it's not exactly cheap! And the app costs money as well.
  13. I can only speak for the SLT 130, but I reckon that you can easily observe something at 70 - 75 degrees or so. If you are using the GoTo facility, it will tell you if the object you've selected is beyond its slew limits. If you are just using the controller to 'manually' go to an object, you have to be a bit careful. TBH, I've never found this to be a problem. Planning out a session will normally have me checking the location of an object so that I can either view it before or after it's near zenith.
  14. Jaffa cakes are the preferred currency round these parts....
  15. You can of course buy a heated dew shield, which is what I use now. You will still need a controller, but I just find that having to put just one thing on the scope eliminates some of the set up time. I can't tell you the amount of times that I've put both the dew shield and dew band on, only to knock one or the other and have to do it again! Taking into account the price I paid for the dew shield and the price for the dew band, I think that the heated dew shield comes in at approx the same price (think it was a difference of £3!) I don't have a dew band for the EP, but I have been thinking about it recently. Not too bad when I'm at home and can take the EP inside to dry off for a couple of mins, but out at a dark sky site, it would get very annoying to have a session cut short by a fogged up EP!
  16. Hi, I have the CPC 800 - not the Edge version though - very jealous! - and I use Hyperions. I have two scopes though, so I have near enough the full set, so that I can use them across both scopes. Usually, the ones I use for the CPC 800 are 13mm, 24mm and 36mm (this is the aspheric one though). I do sometimes use the 8mm for planetary stuff though, but from what I understand about the FTRs, they can change the focal length of the EP, so you may be able to get something more like the 8mm by doing this (would certainly be cheaper for you). I think they are great, and work really well with the scope. The one thing that I think they have over cheaper EPs is the fact that they can be used as both 1.25" and 2" EPs. Granted, I only really use the 24mm and 36mm with the 2" setting (mainly for fainter DSO's and larger galaxies), but it's saved me from having to buy 2" EPs as well. HTH.
  17. Welcome, welcome! From one yorkshireite to another, how's tha' doin' lad?
  18. Hi Mac, Welcome to SGL! I have the CPC 800 and I love it. I'm used to observing in an area with lots of LP, and this scope performs really well under these conditions. However, the first time I took it to a dark sky site, it blew me away. I've observed M31 many, many times, but seeing it in this scope, at a dark sky site, I actually gasped! Amazing! I do, however, struggle with moving the scope. It does break down into two easy pieces, but being a very short - and not very strong - girl, it's an effort to move it. I have a bad back and this scope is at the limit of what I can safely move (without doing myself any harm). If you are a big strapping lad, then I'm sure you'd have no problems at all with it. Can't speak for the CPC 925, but I'd imagine it's slightly heavier than the CPC 800. Something to bear in mind. Good luck with whatever scope you choose though!
  19. I'm in agreement with the folks pointing out the difficulty of creating ranks for users based on their experience. I got my first scope almost two years ago now, but it took me almost 6 months to fully understand how to get the best of it. I didn't even know what eyepieces were best for different objects! Even now, with 2 scopes under my belt, constellations and star hopping a breeze (most of the time!), and quite a few messiers and planets, I still consider myself a complete newbie! I can't see myself ever even considering being anything else. There is so much to learn in this hobby and with so little time to practice (thanks weather!), it's not only a steep learning curve, it can also be a long one! I think in the beginning, I was asking more questions than answering them (to be expected, of course), but now I do try and 'chime in' when I think its something that someone hasn't considered and if its something that I too had problems/issues with and I think that the poster may benefit from hearing my experience. I do always try to preface my answers with my knowledge (if any) of their equipment, or object etc. so that the poster knows (or can work out) whether or not to listen to me! Reading the posts on this thread, I think even if people tried to rank themselves based on their experience or knowledge - unless it was from a purely objective point of view - you would end up with the majority of users putting themselves in a beginner type category! I've never seen such modesty en mass!!
  20. Taking into account the comments above (particularly those about collimation), you've not specified what size EPs you are using. I know absolutely nothing about the 2 scopes that you have, but I know from my own personal experience with my two scopes that 1 set of EPs may not necessarily 'fit all'. Generally speaking, for the higher power EPs and the lowest power EPs, I need two different sets - 1 for each scope. There is some overlap in the middle range. For example, to get the best views on Jupiter with my 5" scope, I use a 3x barlow with a 13mm EP. Barlows don't seem to give me the best results on the 8" scope (which is an SCT), so instead, I just use the 8mm EP. The 8mm on its own with the 5" scope doesn't give me as good a view, and with a barlow, its just too much magnification for this scope. There is a really good thread on here which talks you through the EP/scope calculations to decide which kind of EPs will work best with your scope. You can find it here. It may be worth checking your EPs against both scopes to see if you need to think about any additional kit. Note: I would only go down the route of buying anything else once you've eliminated other possibilities. We both have an 8" scope, so I can only assume that you should be able to see what I can - clear banding, great red spot, galilean moons etc. Obviously, if you've already done all of this re EPs, then please ignore! HTH.
  21. I accidentally caught the ISS in my FOV with the CPC once. It moves very fast, and was only in the EP for a fraction of a second. I did try and catch up to it again with the scope, but the slew speeds on the CPC just weren't fast enough to try and catch it (not to mention the difficulty of trying to move the scope, whilst simultaneously trying to look at the sky and through the EP). My only thought at the time re tracking this was if the scope could be used without electronics to control it... ie. loosen the alt-as locking knobs and move the scope just using the handle. Not sure if it would work though!
  22. I have fibromyalgia. That pretty much stops me from doing anything when it flares up... usually on clear nights too!
  23. Hi Guys, Firstly, thanks to Radec for posting out this thread - I hadn't seen it, but commented on another thread for the adapter and he (presumably - I don't know if you're male or female - apologies if you're the latter!) posted a link to this thread. I have the adapter and so far haven't had any problems aligning either of my scopes with it. Tech stuff: Both of my apple products are using iOS 7.0.4, and the apps on both are version 2.1.1, last updated in September 2013. Anyway, I guess I'm trying to tell you what I do to use this gadget to see if that helps any of you out. Firstly, whilst the touch screen technology used by apple is very intuitive, I don't feel that it is for this app. Its the only app where a 'heavy' touch is required. A firm press on the direction arrows and holding my finger/thumb there is how I get it to move. You know when it's recognised your touch because the direction arrows light up in a more prominent red colour. Secondly, the slew speeds on this app DO NOT represent the equivalent slew speeds on the scope. Anything less than 9, and the scope barely moves. The slew speeds are controlled by a slider that appears on the screen after you've selected the star you want to align to. Up this to 9 (NB: even for centering the star in the EP, I only ever set the slew speed to 7/8), and then press and hold the direction arrow you want to go in - firmly! Hope this helps. Obviously, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message, or reply to this thread.
  24. I really enjoyed it. Great to see it back on our screens. I personally think that Maggie is great, and she does come across as being really enthusiastic. As far as I know, series link doesn't work for Sky as its a monthly programme. They only schedule 2 weeks worth of programming, so even on the rare occasions I see the green series link icon, and select it, the next programme doesn't appear in my planner. Other free view and satellite providers may have a different set up, which might be why those with Tivo can do it. The good thing is that its available on iPlayer now. I used to get irritated at having to wait until the longer repeat had aired to watch it, since I hardly ever remember to check its in my planner each month. It's available until the 21st February too - wasn't it only available on iPlayer for 7 days before?
  25. I contacted the maker of scope nights (Egg Moon Studio) regarding this. It does currently have sunrise/sunset and moon phase, but he said that moonrise/set times were something he was considering for future releases.
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