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  1. I do shop at CostCo all the time and do find it unbelievable value for money. That said, the only electrical items I have bought from them is oil filled heaters! I don't think I would buy my telescope from them though. But that's because I was always taught that if you are buying a specialist item, then you should buy it from a specialist shop! However, I have to say I've always found their customer service to be excellent... Last time I experienced it, I was buying a tyre for my car and they couldn't have been more helpful! But now I'm feeling a bit miffed anyway given the price quoted from FLO. I was bought this telescope in Feb... My partner paid £380 (ish) for it from a very reputable shop close by to us! If FLO really are selling it for £330, you've already saved yourself £50! It is an excellent scope; I love mine to bits and have managed to see so many cool things and I've not even had it a year! You can use it straight out of the box and the eyepieces supplied are really good (you may want to upgrade at some point, but only once you've got to know your telescope and once you learn more about what you want to observe), but I would recommend you buy a 2x Barlow lens too. Anyway, hope you do decide to buy it, just not from CostCo! If you do, let me know if you need any help! I'm just starting out too so might not be able to tell you much, but at least I have no room to laugh at silly questions either! Lol! Rae
  2. Welcome Johnny! Seriously, you need to heed this advice! I got my first scope for my birthday (July) this year (it was actually purchased in Feb and like you, I just couldn't resist using it before I was supposed to!) and already my Christmas gift list is full of accessories, eyepieces and books! This could become a very expensive hobby! I would also agree with previous posts about not needing too many eyepieces at first... The 9mm and 25mm that came with my scope have been brilliant. I have been using a 2x Barlow lens as well though. The eyepiece I have asked for for Christmas is a 2" (cos I can fit both 1.25" and 2" in my scope) just because I would like to see how different the two different sizes are and what they offer! Can't wait! AND, this morning I fought myself on eBay looking for telescopes with larger apertures! Aargh! Help! Think I'm going to need a different type of support group if I spend anymore money! Clear skies and happy looking! Rae (also from w yorks!)
  3. Hi Nick, good to see another West Yorkshire-ite on here! We'll be taking over the world soon! Muwhahahahaha! Clear skies! Rae
  4. Hello and welcome Steve! Not been on here long myself but have already picked up loads of tips and tricks! Hope same goes for you! Happy observing! Rae
  5. We had loads of fireworks over the weekend so I too thought it would be quiet tonight... No such luck... Wouldn't have been so bad, but I live in the bottom of a valley and as a result, my garden is now full of the spent fireworks launched from neighbours gardens on the surrounding hills! One even hit me on the head! Think I'll go back out when they've all stopped!
  6. Seen Jupiter for the first time! Go me!

  7. Hi, I know previous posts are rather old now, but I'm hoping one of you can still help me with my query. I have a Celestron NexStar SLT 130 - had it since February 2012 and given the recent weather, I've really not used it much, but I have managed to get acquainted with the SkyAlign system and most of the major features. I am liking it so far and have been surprised at how easy it is to use for a complete newbie! However, I am experiencing 1 technical issue that no amount of searching the web or visiting the Celestron site seems to have helped! I've been out tonight (given it was the first clear night for AGES!!) and I'm not sure if I entered the correct timezone for the SkyAlign system. Obviously, I entered the correct date/time and location etc, but when it asked for the info on DST and timezones I think I got a little confused. I know that we are in the Universal time zone (I'm in the UK), and I obviously entered that we are in DST, but looking at various time zone maps, I'm unsure if I should have amended the time zone to account for DST, or if the SkyAlign system already compensates given the information entered. I apologise if asking this makes me seem really stupid, but I just want to be sure I'm doing things correctly and making the most of my scope. I was viewing the sky in conjunction with the SkyQ (Celestron) app (not the GPS link unit) to make sure that the two things tallied and I was indeed viewing the stars I thought I was viewing but they were completely different. This is the first time this has happened!! I've also checked the settings on the app and there is a setting for Timezone override which is currently set to No Offset, but should I be changing this to +1 hour to account for DST or will this have been done automatically given that it has recorded my location (correctly)? Unfortunately, the clouds starting rolling in whilst I was adjusting the settings for both to try and work out what I should be doing, so I didn't get a chance to finish and check that both scope and app were pointing at the same things. Given the truly awful weather we've been having, I don't want to waste the next clear night going through the settings instead of actually viewing the sky... I would be grateful for any help/advice anyone can give me... Again, apologies if I sound stupid!! Thanks! Rae
  8. Hi, Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm not only new to stargazing, but also to this forum. Please can you tell me what exactly SLG8 is. I gather it is some sort of star party, but is it a camping type thing or just a series of events? Where is is held? Can anyone come? What sort of price is it? Sorry to be a pain, but there aren't many events in my local area and I am a complete novice and would love to go to an event to be able to meet others and get some advice from more experienced people. Would be very grateful for any information you can provide. Rae
  9. Thanks Stu. I'll keep an eye out for any news then. It's my birthday next week so I'm hoping to get it with my birthday money. I have tried ordering it from the States but all the websites are refusing to deliver it to the the UK at present. Unfortunately, I won't be going on holiday there anytime soon so will just have to to wait! Boo! And just I was starting to write this post, they have just released an update for the app! Spooky! Rae
  10. Hi, I really can't wait for the adapter's release in the UK. I've had the app on my iPhone and iPad since February and it is top notch for a beginner like myself. Just one very important question though - does anyone know when it will actually be on sale here? I've been looking for months and most of the shops I go to all said April 2012, but still no sign of it yet..... Thanks! Rae
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