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  1. Congrats to China. At least one country on the planet is still interested in going to the Moon. And as the only country with any real cash it could only ever be China anyway. Impossible to see how the US, even if they wanted to, could rejoin the space race taking into account their financial situation. They would have to take a low interest loan from China and then buy all the kit cheap from China too. Times have changed.
  2. Have to admit i had never heard of her. But found her on You Tube, she'll do just fine. Shame the BBC have already banished S@N to BBC4 only. I haven't seen its time slot yet but if its the back end of nowhere, then i guess the BBC won't be expecting this to be a long term thing. Have a horrible feeling this will go the way of Time Team. Once C4 messed with the format and presenters the show nose dived and was cancelled one season later.
  3. It would be great if "Dud of the Century" left behind a stellar meteor shower as its legacy.
  4. I think most would recommend going for the 130P if the money is available. We have the 1145P, just bought it last week as an xmas present for my son. Managed to use it twice now without the wife realising. The first time the collimation of secondary looked a little out, so wanted to get it right for him. I am totally amazed how good these little scopes are, Jupiter looked amazing. Even against my own 8" newt the view held up well. And M45 with a 30mm Plossl was dead impressive. So even if you have to settle for the 114P you won't be disappointed.
  5. TV Nagler 31mm is such an amazing eyepiece. I always borrow one from a friend whenever we meet up. Absolutely superb in my 8" F4.5. But that said, my ES 82 30mm does an almost as good job for considerably less money. You really have to pay for that extra 5%.
  6. I should add that ISON has possibly done me a favour though. And that is the even greater disappointment of knowing there is a great comet to be observed but not being able to see it for wall to wall cloud. Which is the forecast for the coming week. So perhaps i'm not that disappointed after all.
  7. Hmm now do i tow the party line, british stiff upper lip and all that, say i'm not disappointed and what a fantastic scientific opportunity it was. Or shall i say it truthfully. Yes it was a great scieintific event, a great chance for the scientific community to analyze the death of a comet. But to me on a personal level, yes i'm very disappointed to not be out trying to observe the comet later this week. Personally i'm totally gutted. Sorry folks, that's how i feel. the Soho pics were great and exciting. But i was really looking forward to clocking a bright comet with the MkI eyeball.
  8. It looks quite bright in that image with a tail building. Or am i looking at the wrong thing?
  9. I was going more by the first marketed eyepiece using that design, rather than who produced it. The BST as we know it didn't appear until much later. And even then it wasn't a BST, instead marketed as just the Explorer ED with no BST designation. The Orion and Olivion arrived much much later than the A-T. The Paradigm was the only marketed eyepiece for almost a year.
  10. The Astro-Tech Paradigm were the original eyepiece, long before the BST was even a twinkle in Alan's (Skies the limit) eyes. The BST is just a clone of the Astro-Tech.
  11. This may help: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/104602-skywatcher-skyhawk-1145p/ http://www.astronomyforum.net/skywatcher-telescopes-forum/117900-skywatcher-skyhawk-1145p-preliminary-review.html It was also the Sky at Night group winner, so comes highly recommended. Its been a winner since Orion released it as a Starblast 4.5 dob some 8 years ago. Real little gem of scope.
  12. Will do, but i'll have to do it on the sly. Get caught using it and my wife will not be best chuffed
  13. All sounds very promising. I can see me using my sons Seben zoom on occasion.
  14. I know Tasco cop a lot of flack, the laughing stock of the astro community. But my first two scopes, a Tasco 60mm Frac and the 114 Newt, were superb little instruments. Have very fond memories of them and found it all very strange when i heard people slating them so badly. That was right until the moment a friend bought a 50mm Tasco from Argos and i saw exactly why their reputation was so poor. Amazing how things changed so quickly. My scopes were circa late '70's and early 80's. His was bought new in 1985. A world of difference. I think you're definitely right about the F8 being very forgivin
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