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  1. Intersting read mate thanks, I'm just getting confused as I'm thinking (incorrectly I know but still waiting for penny to drop) that if i put in a higher mag eyepiece then the scope needs to move even quicker to keep up due to Jupiter passing through eyepiece. How much in inches say, would 15 degrees equate in terms of the tape separating apart?
  2. Good idea regards the tape, gonna try that now! I've been making little marks on the floor and measuring the distance from shadow for God's sake! It's maybe a couple of inches an hour, does that sound about right? I just imagined it would fairly whizz round given how fast Jupiter skips through my eyepiece? ta, John
  3. That's great Stuart thanks. I've asked similar questions on some Auto tracking threads i've searched for so i'm repeating myself here somewhat but what about setting the auto tracking up. I've lined it up to my altitude and set that in the handset as per some great advice on another thread but once in tracking mode the scope just seems to sit there. I'm really not sure how fast it should travel and whether i should be able to discern any movement with the naked eye over a few minutes. How does the scope *know* how fast to track i.e if i'm pointing at a planet (fast tracking needed i'd guess) or a DSO (slow tracking?) cheers
  4. I haven't actually got any eyepieces in at present, i just get set it to 0 degrees and it struggles to move up. A tiny bit of pressure from my finger and off it goes, so i'm hoping it's maybe just a clutch issue. (like i even know what the clutch is !) Can i just ask though, if i put it in tracking mode should i be able visually see it moving? I've set it up to my latitude in the sitting room, hit the 2 and 3 buttons to store my position. Then i've hit the 1 and 2 buttons to enter tracking mode. The number 2 button is flashing but scope seesm to be just sitting there. I have no idea how fast it should track or travel or whether the movement would be discernable over a few minutes. PS: If i point at a Jupiter say, which whizzes through my 6mm eyepiece, how does the scope know to track faster than if were pointing at a DSO for example? Sorry for (probably obvious questions), thanks in advance. JOhn
  5. Might be a longshot resurrecting an old thread ...but... was there a definitive answer on how to set up tracking for the AUTO? I'm certainly not in the festive spirit at the moment, the gears are spinning when trying to motor up from near horizontal, tracking doesn't seem to be working - plus with me being a complete novice i'm pulling my blumming hair out. Gonna try tightening clutch perhaps or adding counterweight - i'm hoping this might explain/overcome the spinning gears problem? As other have said though regards the tracking -my manual seems to paint a different picture to what's being said on here so i'm not quite sure how/where or what procedure i need to follow to set up tracking.
  6. Thanks for reply mate. So is that somehting you;d recommend I buy from eBay and then basically attach weights to it? Do you think that might explain the motor slipping when moving up? It's just that it;s been fine up till now so I'm really at a loss. Saved up for Ages to buy this (my first ever scope!) so i'm i'm just seeing a huge bill to fix it already (which i hope is me just overreacting). Is the consensus that these motors need regular servicing or anything? I was gonna try and strip it down but i'm not that confident tbh. Oh and what's OTA? Sorry for all the newbie questions by the way. Thanks, John
  7. Hi, I purchased a 250px auto a few months back from a guy on eBay and have a been like a pig in the proverbial [removed word] ever since! It's been great and i've has some great views of Jupiter. For the last few weeks it hasn't seen much action tbough with the Rubbish weather, but i decided to set the alarm early today to catch Venus and Saturn early doors as the skies were completely clear. However I have a problem with the motor which i'm devastated about. Basically the scope gets to a certain angle and then won't track up. If i give it a little nudge it eventually kicks in, but when it's stuck i can hear the motor spinning inside but just no movement. I've tried the three speed settings and i also think the first and second speed don't seem right, certainly the middle speed doesn't seem as quick as i remember and the slow spped just doesnt seem to move much at all. The horizontal motion seems OK so i *think* i'ts just vertical up and down that i think is the problem. Does anyone know if this is a common probelm? I'm not sure whether the motors just need servicing perhaps or indeed if servicing is actually expected regularly? Really hoping someone can help cos i'm gutted at the minute! regards from a newbie, John
  8. Memo to self: never use iPhone to write long posts again. I promise I'm not usually this illiterate with a normal keyboard!
  9. Just wanted to say thanks to the people that gave me some advice last week regards buying my first ever scope - the upshot was that I am now the proud owner of a Skywatcher 250px flextube with AUTO controller! I paid £510 off eBay and luckily the seller was only 20 minutes drive away so with that and a 2x Barlow lens and 6mm eyepiece on top I kinda think I've did alright? First impressions were that it was a hell of a lot bigger in the flesh than I envisaged, but it kind of exudes a coolness about it that I'm still smiling about when I see it. Haven't had a real good session with it yet apart from an hour after I bought it when the skys were clear so at the minute I'm just waiting for a good night to have it a spin. That hour though was quite something...... After getting it home amd and safely into the house I looked at and thought What the hell do I do now?!! Anyway, I manged to spot Jupiter and get that in my 25mm eyepiece and after a while of little movements here and there with the AUTO keypad I managed to centre her up and get it in to focus..........WOW!! I was like a little kid at Christmas time seeing Jupiter and the 4 moons come into focus, I honestly was speechless. I kept looking at the bright dot in the sky then into the eyepiece, then back to the sky not really believing what I was seeing. After a while of experimenting with the different eyepieces I'm left with some questions...... 1. I found it REALLY hard finding anything, including Jupiter with the smaller eyepieces especially the 6mm one. The slightest knock to the scope seemed to lose anything in the view, even focusing was difficult without the softest of touches. Is this the norm? I'm hoping it's just something that experience brings bein able to easily find objects and bein them to focus. 2. Following on from above, I found that all of my small movements to find Jupiter I was doing with the motorised mount - when I tried to move the scope juuuust a smidgen by hand it was so difficult to do it with any real precision. Is there a knack to moving a dobby small amount. 3. Finally, Jupiter was quite low on the horizon so my scope was not that far off horizontal. Again with the motorised mount I could do small precise movements to find and centre objects but manually it felt like the scope was kinda dropping with its own weight. So if I wanted to move the scope upwards slightly I found i had to manually nudge it past where I wanted it and let of fall back down a touch- does that make sense??! 4. What is the clutch tightener for (I think that is what is called - big screw in middle of mount) i tried tightening it right up to see if it got rid of the imprecision when the scope was getting towards horizontal but it didn't seem to do much. I'm gonna do a full review once I get the chance to have a good session, so in the meantime thanks again in advance!
  10. Any ideas what a 10" Skywatcher Dob with AUTO tracking is worth today? I'm tracking one on eBay and really unsure what to limit myself at!
  11. Look like the one ebay i've been looking at is gonna cost me around £600? Does anyone know if this is a bargain, the AUTO is now discontinued so unsure if this is a good deal or not. I'm itching to get my first scope and dying to buy this one but terrified i'll pay over the odds!
  12. Thanks for the speedy replies guys. Yeah it's the one on eBay linked above - So glad I asked the questions as I had no idea you could buy the AUTO then upgrade the handset separately to GoTo which potentially can save a lot of cash. Might have a bid of around £350 maximum and see how it pans out. I honestly never had this many problems buying my first car! (god bless you Fiat UNO 1.1)
  13. Evening all really hope you can help a novice here! Have got me eye on a 250px flex tube AUTO on eBay and I'd love some advice please before I start hoying bids in: Is there a massive difference between AUTO and GOTO or in other words does the GOTO justify the big hike in price? Simalarly does the flextube offer a worthwhile advantage over the solid tube version? Is the GOTO version available online an official upgrade - I've read on a few sites that it was never authorised by Skywatcher? Any idea what a fair price would be for a second hand setup like this? Many thanks in advance!
  14. Appreciate the reply to you and the other guys thanks.!! I don't really know what I'm looking at in truth thats my worry, but it I'm no mug so would like to think I can spot a good deal or if something is amiss. Problem is I've got a 300 mile trip from Sunderland to Blackburn to pick it up so I'm probs looking at £300 with petrol costs. Like I say just don't want to pass up why appears a great deal - I have tried to look on the classified section of this forum but it won't let me in for some reason? Do you get many good deals on here ?
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