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  1. Thanks James. I'm 40 in October and it's going to be a present. I could only see the clouds at the moment from where I am anyway.Chris
  2. Thanks all for a warm welcome. I'll let you know what I buy.
  3. Thanks Spikey. Went there on Saturdat. Very helpful chap but not much in stock unfortunately.
  4. Thanks guys for some quick responses. I don't want to rush into a decsion as yet and would probably like to see them in real life to have a feel for the size. Can anyone recommend a good retailer in the North West with a good range on view? Chris
  5. I'm a total novice to the world of astronomy and haven't spent my money as yet on a telescope. I was after some sensible advice on aquiring a scope for around the £500 mark. I've done a little research and quite like the sound of the SKYMAX 127 GOTO. I've been asked what I want to look for and in honesty, I want to look at as much as I can i.e planets in detail and deep space. I'm aware I live in an area of high light polution buti'm willing to travel to avoid this. Has anyone got one and or can recommend another of a similar price. i might be able to stretch a bit more if the results are worth the extra cash. Many thanks Chris
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