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  1. Just in case anyone attending the star camp is interested, as it's only about an hour's drive from Newton Stewart, we have an event at the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory on Saturday 22nd November with Dr Giles Hammond of University of Glasgow giving a talk. Anyone is also welcome to book a visit to the observatory while you're in the area.
  2. Grin - at least 1, mine will be there...... (Eq8 pro)
  3. One thing I'll say is dont think that as long as the value is less than 65535 then it wont be saturating. Most cameras have anti blooming gate sensors that means that as the "buckets" get full, the charge gets dissipated. These kick in well below the maximum level. So, whilst CCDs and CMOS are very linear, the relationship changes to a curve that becomes an asymptote - ie you never copmpletely hit the buffers. So - stick to stars less than 2/3rd full sigmnal and you will still be linear....
  4. Staff from the Observatory (well, me) will be visiting Kielder star Camp this coming weekend, and I will be giving a talk about the observatory project to the assembled stargazers at the Castle on Saturday the 9th at about 1:30 - hopefully see some of you there...
  5. Hi We have just made a quick timelapse of a night at the SDSO earlier this week -hope you enjoy. Static 500d on a tripod with a 8mm fisheye - 60 second exposures stitched together in windows movie maker. Its an HD video clip but youtube default resolution is low - so adjust to suit your bandwidth http://youtu.be/Gq_XYnBSQfc Best regards Rob www.scottishdarkskyobservatory.co.uk info@scottishdarkskyobservatory.co.uk
  6. Grin - beautiful image but it does need to be flipped L/R.......
  7. Try Galloway in Scotland...........
  8. I was browsing it at Christmas and saw a few names I recognised in it - including my own. Didn't buy it tho - now its reduced....
  9. good point themos - if you are using a focal reducer you need to put your camera a fixed distance behind the reducer to get decent reduction and star shapes. This generally means a thin OAG is best - TS do a 9mm one.....
  10. The SCT gives you loads of back focus so you can get away with the big celestron and meade OAG but I wouldn't recommend it. Go for the TS 27mm one or if you have a starlight express filter wheel - use their OAG thats designed for it.
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