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  1. Hi All, Has anyone had experience of using a Tracer lithium Polymer 22Ah Battery to power a CCD camera? I am thinking of buying one to provide independent power for a SXV H18 and QHY8L CCD camera.
  2. Imaged with a Canon 1000D through a 90mm refractor at F9. 10 x 120s subs 30th March.
  3. Hi All, I was privileged to be on Stargazers live 2012 on the second evening as a member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society which was originally started and based at Jodrell Bank. I found the event inspiring, Dara and Brian were welcoming, friendly, funny and 'down to earth', the organisation was first class as a visitor to a BBC event and we were well taken care of. The wine was nice too, Dara ended up drinking out of the bottle because Brian had given me his glass! There were a large number of amateur astronomers from Liverpool and Macclesfield Societies invited with a variety of scopes from the simple to the complex. There were children present as well enjoying the stargazing. The skies were clear this time. I commented in a previous thread that they could have spent more time amongst the amateurs asking about how they were using their scopes(observing or imaging). I saw another televised event recently by the BBC I think, that was of a Liverpool Star Party that included much better use of the amateur astronomers so maybe they have made a change and 2013 will be even better. I think this has been a first class public eye opener to what the nation has been missing because of our polluted skies. I have just returned from the kelling Heath Star Party and the sky was amazingly clear with a horizon to horizon Milky Way of unbelievable beauty. I was told that the town of Norwich not so far away switches off it's street lights at 12 midnight! The emphasis on light pollution and it's effects by the Stargazing Live team was welcome and this experience at Kelling brought it home since I live in the suburbs with it's orange glowing sky. The BBC are to be congratulated on producing an oustanding programme for the public about space, astronomy and astronomers and I hope they continue to produce it annually. I know if they do experience will ensure it improves to satisfy all critics. Paul
  4. I emailed them Dave and they said it will work on the Sky 90 so I have ordered one. I intend to see if it will also work in combination with the Tak extender Q(x1.6 barlow) to provide a flat field around the galaxies I have been imaging(the stars are like comets).
  5. Thanks Dave, that Megrez comes close to the Sky 90.
  6. Is there a suitable Flattener for a Takahashi Sky 90 that does not also act as a Reducer? Any make will do.
  7. Yes James Mars, Moon, Asteroid Vesta, 'Mercury suspect', Murchison meteorite, Allende meteorite, Tagish Lake meteorite, Arizona meteorite, Brahin meteorite, Vaca Muerta meteorite, Carancas meteorite......................................................... .................and numerous others big and small.
  8. Hi James, You can count me in again, that sky was superb when clear, I'm looking forward to the good company and I'll bring my meteorites again. I can even give you a talk about them and a hands on practical session if you want(no charge it's a pleasure). PaulC(PaulB's observing buddy)
  9. I was one of the lucky six to attend the Star Party of the Stargazers Live Show, then the Back to Earth Show on Tuesday as a member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society. There were also members from Liverpool Astronomical Society and several children. The BBC looked after us with food, security and guides. They made the whole event run like clockwork, very professional indeed. We were in a field with our scopes looking at an amazingly clear sky only a few hundred yards away from the studio. They made several filming forays to the edge of the star party for various interviews. I think it would have been nice if they had made more use of the amateur astronomers available with a walkabout amongst the scopes and chats about what people were observing or imaging and what equipment they thought was appropriate. Maybe another time, these events must provide ideas and a learning experience for the BBC that will be useful in future programmes. It was a privilege to take part in these shows as an amateur astronomer. Dara made a special effort to welcome the amateur astronomers to the show off camera and Brian made the whole experience so easy going. They were both very amusing and down to earth(no pun intended). The other guests seemed so relaxed they put you at ease. It again would have been nice to in some way have been involved in the discussions rather than as a backdrop audience. As far as the drink was concerned I enjoyed the wine, that was a nice touch giving some to the astronomers. I think the whole experience was amazing and both Dara and Brian should be congratulated on bringing astronomy to the fore.
  10. Hi DarkStar7, I am a little old fashioned in outlook in that if a theory is to be accepted, then it should be supported by experimental evidence. Wasn’t the mathematics supporting the Evans Field theory shown to be incorrect.? Where is the testable evidence to support your theory? At least Einstein’s theory was supported by Eddington’s measurements. There is no evidence for other dimensions, only a theoretical possibility, so all assumptions based on it are mere conjecture. I find it a little unlikely that I am spinning space time, spinning makes me dizzy and I can prove I am not dizzy by walking in a straight line! (Just to show all budding scientists should have a sense of humour).
  11. Hi Darkstar7 a few questions for you, What are these virtual particles you refer to? Did Einstein not predict mass curves space-time and Eddington prove he was correct? What 'confines' the energy as mass? Are the Sun, Earth and Moon's masses a collection of relativistically affected virtual particles with extreme angular momentum due to curved space time?
  12. Excellent astromeet from Leeds Astronomical Society with superb speakers, I enjoyed every lecture. I was inspired by what Marie-Claire Perkinson from Astrium had to say about the part the UK was playing in Space exploration. Rarely do we hear what is going on in this field, full marks to that young lady. The other speakers gave much food for though and it was good to see those profesionals who are foremost in their fields sharing their work with amateur astronomer. It was well worth the journey from Stockport.
  13. I did image it upside down with my scope though, and turned it to match my skymap orientation.
  14. Hi Shane, Still haven't fnished processing M31, so here is one of the 2min shots.
  15. Hi Shane, here is the 2min shot of Garradd in B&W with an inverted version. I had to push the processing to bring out the tails ion left dust right, I think. The other images are all 2min test shots for the new camera I was using of NGC891, Pleiades and the Sailboat Nebula. All of these have no darks, or flats to improve them. I am still procesing M31 from 10 subs and taking darks and flats(the camera has set point cooling and the focus is locked solid at the moment from PSP so I can do this at home). I have sent a 2min M31 shot to John Tanner(Dark Sky Guy) he has posted a link in a PSP post.
  16. Stu I have no experience of the latest PST so I cannot help you here, but I am sure someone on this forum will have some. My version is the second type with a blue tinge to the objective. I found the cemax 10mm eyepiece(which is optimised for the scope) to be superb, that is the one you looked through,but others swear by their own favourite eyepieces.
  17. Hi George the mount with handset is from a Celestron Nexstar SLT setup(came with a 60mm scope) I bought it on Astrobuysell for a song, I was after the mount and handset. It was able to track the Sun once set up and levelled, unfortunately I dropped it and it's screen stopped working so now I just use it to keep the Sun in the eyepiece. I'll have to fix it or find another handset. You will find PaulB on UKAI on PSP threads at the moment.
  18. Hi Stu, that was the idea, anybody could have a look, no problem, you didn't have to ask. I got mine from Astrobuysell for £250, worth a try, I put a wanted advert in and got two offers.
  19. Maybe another time George, but glad you had a chance with the PST that was one active Sun on Saturday.
  20. When I touch that Mars sample myself I find it hard to believe where it has come from and I get a similar feeling when I touch the Moon rock I have(maybe I'll bring that to another PSP). But what I also find astonishing is that if I touch the Allende meteorite I showed everyone I am in contact with material from an exploding star that ploughed into a gas cloud that then collapsed to form the Solar System. Meteorites have fantastic origins if you research them! Again it was great to meet you and hope to see you again at another PSP or similar it will be hard to miss you with that wonderful scope. I am working on the result of a stack of M31 images from PSP at the moment, it may be only B&W ,but I know now why it is called a dark site.
  21. Hi Moonshane I presume you had the tent next to me (the amazing 16" Dob), I had the meteorites and was imaging Garradd,etc, with the refractor. I was blown away by the quality of the views I could see in the Dob, first the Orion Nebula, then M13 and Garradd(with colour!!!). I really enjoyed the party, lectures and great company my first venture to such an event.
  22. Hi George he spells his name Brierley(he's my observing buddy), I'm the 'Meteorite Guy' that was at PSP, don't know whether you ventured over for a look at my space debris, but many did, I was next to Moonshane I think.
  23. Olly when I look closely enough I can see my face crystal clear in the strips, they are not white but reflective as a mirror, I would say silver. Rob the epoxy description is from Terry, I have just had reassurance from Terry that this has only happened on one other camera and they are now checked to ensure it does not happen again. That is what I call superior service and justifies buying from such a first class company.
  24. A circular fillet of epoxy resin has developed an air gap between it and the quartz screen so I was told and there is a mirror type reflection when you look at the affected region, see my pic in the previous post.
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