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  1. So how exactly does the focus reducer work, i have the t ring on the camera then u screw the t adaptor with barlow into that, and that goes where the eyepiece should be, where does the focal reducer fit in to that?
  2. Truth be told last night i was using a friends celestron 114 powerseeker, i did have an inkling his finderscope wasnt 100% but as its a similar scope to my 130m which is accuratly aligned and i was at his house i happened to have my camera to hand, as for shutter speeds i tried 1/4000 when i was getting some pretty awsome shots of the moon. We pointed the scope at cassiopea and tried to do a 30 second exposure as i said before, the image just came back completly black. Maybe it might be diffrent with the 130 but i will play with that when i get home as work is calling. Thanks
  3. I forgot to mention the 130 i have is the 130m which has a focal length of 900mm (f6.92) according to the website, so if my barlow is a 2x (Its the celestron t adapter but it doesnt say what mag it is. So assuming its a 2x the total focal length would be 1800mm. It may be of note that while i was trying last night even when i had my scope pointed at the moon i tried the live view but the screen was just black, is this normal if the aperture setting says 00 and do i just need to try and photograph using diffrent shutter speeds and see what happens. Obviously i would normally be trying to get lo
  4. Hey guys im fairly new to astrophotography, i have a canon eos 1100d and a skywatcher 130p. I have the t ring and barlow adapter and have been somewhat successful with taking pictures of the moon. The way i understand it is i have to use the barlow as there is not enough inward travel on the focuser to achieve prime focus. Heres where my problem is I know its not ideal to use a barlow to take pictures of dso`s but when i set my canon to the Manual in order to control the shutter speed the aperture seems to be locked at 00, when i try to change the setting i get a message saying that i cant wit
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