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  1. Having been trying to update my EQ6 PRO Hand Control to a newer version than v3.27, but v3.25, v3.26 and v3.27 all seem to have issues on my 2008 mount,which has version 1 Motor Control board. The main one being the RA drive fails to move when going to an alignment star. It does work when using option 2, not setting up an alignment. But no joy on the alignment routine. Has anyone else had similiar difficulties?
  2. jfastro

    2015 - SGL 10

    Hope so, pitch availability and survival willing
  3. Welcome Graham . If you want to speak face to face with fellow astro enthusiasts Walsall has its own Astronomy club that meets in Rushall every Thursday evening. Fuller details on the web site. Cheers Jeff
  4. Peak site does not seem to like some browsers, try Google Chrome, it worked first time after alot of abortive attempts with Firefox.
  5. Walsall Astronomical Society presents Sky at Night's Dr Chris North on The Herschel Space Observatory and its discoveries. Thursday 7th February 2013. Doors Open 7.30pm Talk starts 8.00pm. @ Manor Farm Community Association, King George Crescent, Rushall, Walsall, West Midlands. WS41EG Club members £1.00 Non members £2.00
  6. Great to see your images again and on the tv too. Wondered what Sarahs Galaxy was. Jeff
  7. Despite what the BBC website says the event is NOT fully booked and tickets are NOT needed. See you there. Jeff
  8. We at Walsall Astro Soc. are taking part at the Stargazing Live Event at the New Art Gallery and have been assured no one needs tickets to attend. Its all a mistake on the website. See you there. Jeff
  9. The New Art Gallery, Walsall will be hosting a fantastic night of stargazing activities for all the family on Tuesday next, 17/01/12. 6 to 9pm. An inflatable planetarium will be on site to help you explore the wonders of our solar system. Local astronomy experts will guide you through the constellations of the night sky, and will help you discover more about the science of eclipses, moon craters, galaxies and gravity, you can even have a nibble or two of space food, if that’s what takes your fancy!! Weather permitting, guided stargazing sessions will be taking place throughout the
  10. Yeh, the guy who's building the site is too busy with his telescope to finish it but we are on Yahoo Groups if you need more info.
  11. Hello Amy, Don't know of any local starparties but we, Walsall Astro, meet up every Thursday 8.30pm at Rushall Olympic FC, Dales Lane, Rushall WS4 ILJ and if skies are willling do a couple of hours observing. It's a small friendly society and welcomes people of all levels of experience. Jeff
  12. And also when Brian Cox is on, session 4 saturday pm is fully booked. My lady friend is very disapointed but will now have more time on the stalls!
  13. Excellent site, beautiful location and some clear Milky Way skies, great! Mind to all who left on Sunday you did the right thing the storm Sunday night and all day Monday was awesome. Leslie the site owner said it was the worst she had experienced there. Will def be booking next year.
  14. bbbhhh Skywatcher specify it as suiting 9-15" apertures but I am wondering whether they mean tube diameter as one of our customers has fitted it successfully to his Explorer 200p. Needless to say you could return it if found unsuitable, we're good like that
  15. Steve, I am looking into replacing my R+P focusser with a Crayford on my Orion UK 20cm reflector,225mm od tube.Did you find out the minimum tube size for Skywatcher? Jeff
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