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  1. Welcome! Astrophotography is a lot of fun Good luck and if you have any questions, this is the right place. Where abouts in Canada are you? I'm in Ottawa. Jacob
  2. Second Pixinsight, absolutely fantastic. It takes care of all of my post-processing needs, everything from the initial image calibration, right through to the final touches. There is a decent learning curve, but that goes for anything in this hobby. Jacob
  3. Welcome! I too am from Ottawa! Lots of clear nights recently, but with temperatures dipping well below -20 each night, it is...difficult... to take advantage of them. Jacob
  4. Great image! I think my weather forecasters have figured it all out. They just say "chance of rain" for every day of the week. They are never technically wrong. Jacob
  5. Could it potentially be the balance? My balance was pretty good, for some reason I didn't bias it to the East side like I have read to do. I usually do this and even thought about doing this when balancing, but for whatever reason I didn't... Jacob
  6. Hi, I am using an Atik 314L+ with my Equinox at 400mm. The image is significantly streaked. I can't post an sample anytime soon but its fair enough to say that in the dec axis, the stars are tight but in the RA, they are elognated quite a few pixels. Jacob
  7. Does anybody have any ideas how to improve my guiding? I am using an EQ6 with a Orion ST 80 with an Orion SSAG. I am using 2.5 second exposures on a moderately bright star.The settings are at default. If I forgot any information, let me know, I am posting pretty late... Jacob
  8. My Atik 314L+ also has a bit of vertical banding. Its 100% repeatable and 100% removable so I have't had issues. The pattern in my images match the pattern Craig Stark had in his test of his Atik 314L+ exactly. Same intensities. Jacob
  9. I processed this in Pixinsight, quickly. This might all be jargon so ask if you want clarification, I did some dynamic background extraction (not a very good job but I still did). I applied the SCNR noise reduction algorithm. I then neutralized the background and did some foreground colour balancing. I stretched the image. I applied some noise reduction. I reduced the blackpoint and did a small bit more stretching. I then did a masked unsharp mask and a masked colour saturation boost. And voila, here is the image. It definitely needs a fair bit more exposure, it is quite noisy. The data you have though is quite good. I like the detail in M51 especially, its just the background that is pretty messy. More exposure will also allow you to bring out the faint gas in the background that you obviously captured, but is hidden in the noise. Jacob
  10. Thank you everyone! I personally never delete subs, no matter how bad, the reason being its a whole lot easier to just store them on an external hard disk than go out and try to re-obtain them if they ever become useful for something. It will be interesting to try different combination methods for the Ha an OIII data. Jacob
  11. On Friday night, I was able to get my Atik 314L+M out for a second light. The weather was not great with bands of high cloud moving across the sky all night but I was still able to image. First off, the temperature of the camera was -5 degrees Celsius for all data. I gathered 19 usable Ha (Baader 7nm) lights at 7 minutes a piece. Then, I swapped in the OIII filter (Baader 8.5nm) and gathered 17 usable lights at 10 minutes a piece. To calibrate these lights, I took 100 bias frames, and 25 flats for each filter. The flats were taken in my room with a white t-shirt of the telescope lens. I gathered 14 darks for each exposure length. The darks were not good with light leaking into the camera. I used them in this fairly quick edit. I stacked the lights using a median combine. Once I calibrated and stacked each set of data, I performed automatic background extraction/subtraction in Pixinsight. I then proceeded to register the images and normalize them to each other. I used the Ha for the red channel, the OIII for the blue and a 50/50 synthesis for the green. I stretched the image and applied a masked colour unsharp mask and a masked colour saturation increase. I then applied some noise reduction. That is basically all the editing, it took me about 2 hours. Jacob
  12. I use Artemis Capture for the main camera stuff (focusing, framing, acquisition, etc). I use PHD for guiding. I use PixInsight for everything else. I really like the program, there is a learning curve but I found it no harder to learn than I did Photoshop a few years ago. Contains many powerful tools that allow the most to be brought out of an image. For example, the HDR tools are wonders in what they can do. It's important to not overdo it but once a balance is found, great images emerge. Jacob
  13. Just to give you something to consider (adding to Olly), it might be worth it to try the Pixinsight trial license. The interface is difficult at first (like any powerful software package) but I got used to it fairly quickly and quite like it. I have just started doing all my processing in it and have gotten great results. It is very easy, as Olly mentioned, to go crazy and over-process. Just in case, it has a project mode that basically saves the editor state so that over-processing can be undone at a later date. I've only used up to Photoshop 7 so I can't add much there. PS 7 did a great job, though was somewhat limited being kind of old (ie. very little 16-bit support). Jacob
  14. I have an Atik 314L+. Barely used it but love it, great for narrowband. I use it at effectively 400mm, and the FOV is just fine IMO. This chip has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for a long time. This camera is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is great as is. Of course, if you can afford to go for a larger chip, then definitely consider it, otherwise you will be very satisfied with the 314. Trust me, I went in with overly high expectations with this camera and was still blown away by its performance, that says something. Jacob
  15. You may require a spacer in between. If you do then you are going to have to get one. If not then just connect it (assuming they use the same threading) and go. Jacob
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