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  1. Hey guys, Thank you all for replying, I wasn't expecting such a massive response. The issue was with the focus indeed. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I didn't even notice the focus dial. In hindsight, I should have known, and the fact that I saw a star that big should have been a big hint too :-) I tried again yesterday with correct focusing and it worked like a charm. Spent an hour looking at the moon, too. Just awesome!
  2. Hello everyone, I just got my first telescope (a SkyWatcher Explorer 130p) a few days ago, so forgive me if this is a rookie mistake. I've been able to successfully calibrate and mount my telescope and last night, I spent some time watching the stars. I can get them into view, but it seems that whenever I see a star, it is covered by the secondary mirror. Is this normal ? On one hand, I think it might be, since well, that mirror thing is dangling right in the middle of my telescope, so I don't get how it could *not* be in the way. But on the other hand, I haven't seen this on any of the SWE 130p pics I've seen so far. As a bonus, I have attached an... artist's rendering of this phenomenon. This is what I see through the telescope when watching a star. The cover of the telescope opening (the one you take off when using the telescope) also has an opening in it that allows you to see if there is too much light (you put the cover on, unscrew the opening, and basically it acts as a smaller opening). This way I can bypass the mirror (since the light passes next to it) but my stars are a lot smaller. Can anyone shed some light (he he. I'm sorry!!) on this? Thanks!
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