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  1. First light pics taken throught web cam for about 5 min video and then stacked no post process after stack.
  2. Received my new Quattro cf10 and CGEM DX mount yesterday. Wow its big. Much bigger than expected, but hey great views. First light not brill but managed to align and see a couple of stars before the clouds set in.
  3. thanks all still not sure which way to swing
  4. trying to decide which is best any comments or views regarding these two mounts and witch would be best to hold an 10 inch SCT
  5. Many thanks to you all for your comments, I’m now leaning towards the 1100, as the cost in the uk is so close between the 800 HD and 1100. My wife wants planetary and I want deep sky, but as time goes on I may well get a second scope about 6 or 8 inch or even smaller. I have till May to decide so any more comments keep them coming
  6. Im looking to get a CGEM 1100 or CGEM 800HD but can't decide which will be better. Whichever I decide on it will be used for AP and viewing deep sky and planetary. 800 HD has better optics but 1100 has more aperture. Are the better optics that good that they make up for 3 inches loss of aperture. Any ideas on which will be better.
  7. thanks for the advice, no scope at the moment, did have a cheap childs scope not much good realy very frustrating, so looking for list of essentials like dew heater, focuser etc
  8. any suggestions for a list of required accessories for an 1100 CGEM i'm getting in may. I will be doing mainly planetary AP to start and moving on to deep sky later, but will also be observing planetary and deep sky from the start. list of essential kit please ie eyepiece size, filters etc
  9. Hi all any one out there using a CPC1100 and the celestron HD Wedge. I would like to know how stable it is in the open with a bit of wind about. I'm looking to do AP but will have to do so mobile in the main as I live in a very high light polution area.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'm looking at using a wedge with the cpc as the whole mount looks much more stable than the cgem, will have to give coments much thourght but I have till May to make up my mind.
  11. has anyone got a view about . Im looking to do plenty of AP but the wife wants planetry more. will the 11" be to big?what is going to be the best for both. I will be using a DSLR to start, but will move up to a CCD when I can afford a decent one.
  12. Would like filters for solar, moon, and deep space use. hydrogen Alpha, IR, UIR etc. etc what sort and what prices please miss tarotmac
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