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  1. Just thought i'd say a quick Hi! After moving to rural Shropshire last year and marvelling at the almost light pollution free skies I spent most of this last year biding my time for the money tree to grow back to buy my first "proper" telescope. I bought a 200mm Dobsonian from ebay last month and on the few clear skies we've had since then have enjoyed dragging it to the garden and mooching about the skies in a somewhat slapdash rookie way. That said I honed straight in on Saturn, followed by Mars and Antares amongst others, saw a binary star but lack the skill to find DSO's which I love. i found the Iphone star walker app to be very handy for helping me find my way around. Turns out my wife got bitten by the bug and as a result we are trading in the Dobsonian and are a couple of days away from hopefully winning a bid on an8" Meade Goto. I have got so excited now at having a bit of hardware to bypass my ineptitude at finding all the most interesting stuff that I have spent the last couple of hours marvelling at the photography that users of this site have taken which has really helped pass the time. I'll be getting an SLR for my birthday and hope that I can contribute some images worthy of addition in the galleries. I have also found some useful guidance on which lenses etc to go for now. Thanks for your help so far, fingers crossed for some clear skies soon!
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