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  1. My Explore Scientific ED127 0n a HEQ5 mount. She is my baby.... Bob
  2. Here is my favourite scope setup. An Explore Scientific ED127 APO Refractor on an HEQ5 mount. I find that this scope /mount combination works great together on my DYI semi-portable pier. This all now stays setup and with the arrival of my TeleGizmo 365 cover it should all stay nice and dry through a Canadian winter. Connect the computer, flip the power switch and I'm good to go. Bob
  3. Great video, Karl. I got your notification and just missed you. I hope to be there next time. Bob
  4. Bobble


    The Telrad® is one of the most inexpensive and effective astro buys you can make in this hobby. I wouldn't do without mine. I also have the Rigel QuickFinder to use on my refractors (because of the smaller footprint required on the OTA) but I prefer the Big T hands down. I find it much easier to see the lit reticule with it than the bit of a struggle I have using the Rigel. Here is all you will ever need on a dob. Telrad c/w 2" riser, RACI finder and a mounted Laser pointer. Regards Bob
  5. Don't be afraid! TelescopeMan shows you how to clean up your telescope eyepieces in this video podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3vWB5EgG_Q A real fun watch! Regards Bob
  6. The finished product. Here is the 16" extension and scope on the pier and I gotta tell you I am extremely happy with it. It is more than stable...it's rock solid. The tripod that came with the mount now seems somewhat flimsy in comparison Thanks to all for your interest. Bob
  7. I find if I'm not building something or thinking up the next project, I get awfully bored especially with the clouds we have had now that seem to never seem to go away. I just finished off my portable pier. It was designed with my HEQ5 mount with 16" extension in mind and will eventually find its way into my (future) SkyPod. I set my mount on this and it is rock solid. The pier is constructed from 4"x 3/8" tube, 2"x3/4" flatbar for the legs and a couple of 6"x6"x 1/2" plates. It's finished in a black hammered paint and I am quite happy with the result. Not long ago I finished off the autoguider that I wanted. I have a hard time trying to justify a $300+ cost of buying one I decided to make my own. After a bit of experimenting I found the right set up. I used my DMK21 as a guiding camera and "borrowed" the RACI finderscope from the AD12. This scope gives me a workable focal length of around 165-170mm. Now with the use of a GPUSB from Shoestring Astronomy I have myself the autoguider that I wanted for under $100...well I Do need a replacement finder for the dob and I'll keep my open for a reasonably priced one on the "previously enjoyed" market. As much as I enjoy building stuff, Id rather Be SCOPING! Regards Bob
  8. Going from the pic you supplied I would use the same method as illustrated but in addition i would use an large adustable wrench slipped onto the pliers at the point where they swivel. This just may give you the leverage that is needed. ( I am the MASTER of the "Mickey Mouse use what you have" repairs.) Remember though...righty-tighty and lefty/loosey. Regards Bob
  9. Thanks Mark As I have a pst, a hershel wedge, and a glass reflector filter this really help me to wrap my head around the differences in orientation. I'm going to print this off for sure... Regards Bob
  10. Hey Isabelle...for somewhere warmer I suggest going south...like down in my neighbourhood. it has been a balmy -25C more often than not! Nice that you got the Telrad thing under control. I never had an issue myself at a temp. -28c. Here's to an early spring...like maybe JUNE!!! *L* Regards Bob
  11. Hi Dave. I thought I would share with you one of my first pics with the PST and a DMK21 cam. I love this little scope. It does all that I expected from it and more. Regards Bob
  12. Hi there, Pete. My solution was to put together a pair of wilcox rings. With a couple of gear clamps and some tubing this DIY mod does the trick. Google up "wilcox rings" for more info if your interested in this easy and effective solution. Regards Bob
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