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  1. I have tried to keep the posting of listings only to people who are selling their own used equipment, I have created a page for dealers if they want a link exchange. Please let me know which listings look like dealers and I'll look into it.
  2. I bought a Skywatcher 200p from FLO at the beginning of this month and have just noticed that there is a small piece of the secondary mirror missing. The glass it's self is not damaged it just looks like it was not completely coated when made. It's about 1-2mm in from the side and about 25mm from top to bottom, you can only just see it through the focuser but, it is visible. Should I be worried about this, is it pretty common?
  3. Yes this is my site, thanks for all the kind comments, I'm glad you like it!
  4. Thanks, I tried to get a refund but, that is not going to happen! I had a go at cleaning it and managed to remove most of the grim however, the strange cracks are still there after doing some research it seems to be fungus. I guess this is a prime candidate for modding provided it's fungus and will grow and get worse and it's just on the cover I will be removing.
  5. Hi, I brought a used Canon 1000D as a complete photography noob and I may have brought myself a dud. I was playing around and took some night images and have noticied some strange looking cracks and blobs. I tried to do a auto sensor clean but, got an error so selected manual and took a look at the sensor. There seems to be a smudge on it, doesn't look like dust. Has anyone come across anything like this and was it expensive to fix?
  6. This looks exactly what I'm after could buy the scope, mount and Dual-Axis kit and get all the other stuff at a later date. http://astrocasto.bl...m-for-your.html Sound good?
  7. So, the explorer can be upgraded in the future, maybe that would be a better choice. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/synscan-pro-goto-version-3-upgrade-kit-for-eq5.html
  8. Thanks, I'll check it out. I'm selling the 12" LightBeast as I find it a real pain lugging it about, I'm more of a planets and moon guy anyway and it's getting used less and less. The 4.5" Meade has a real crappy mount, wobbles if a mosquito farts next to it I'm know i'm not going to get any award winning images, would just like to get a feel for things, looking mainly for images of the planets and moon. I was thinking either: ---- http://www.firstligh...-dobsonian.html & http://www.firstligh...epiece-kit.html ---- OR ---- http://www.firstligh...r-200p-eq5.html Would I be able to upgrade this mount with tracking at a later date, do you know? ----
  9. Hi Guys, I'm looking at buying a Skyliner 200p Dob and I'm hoping to setup a simple webcam to get some basic images. Does anyone know of a good online guide on setting up a webcam, preferably with a Skyliner 200p? Thanks in advance.
  10. How much do you guys think this kit is worth? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item2a206c8440
  11. Thanks for all the help guys I did a star test last night and all seems fine, still need to buy myself a cheshire think it will come in handy
  12. I reset everything and started again. I have noticed, what I thought was the outside edge of the focuser is infact light If I have the focuser all the way out I'm getting light coming through the right hand side of it, however if I roll it all the way in the light goes and it all looks square. I feel a little stupid now The focuser still looks a little too far over to the left as in the photo above, would this be a primary or secondary adjustment? Should the donut be in the center of the focuser or secondary circle?
  13. Would be great to get your opinion on this setup; 25mm - Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm - Celestron X-Cel LX ( I take it a 5mm would be pushing it a little ) 2x - Celestron X-Cel Barlow I'm really looking for DSO and planets.
  14. Wow thanks, that's extremely generous of you however, I have decided to give it a miss as I have my 12" LB that needs some attention and I really need to stay away from temptation until I have atleast pimped it up a little You guys have been great though, as usual, thanks again.
  15. I think your right, I really need one of these Thanks, I'll do some research on the Celestron X-Cel LX's, any advice on what powers to get?
  16. Thanks, I really appreciate the time you put to writing this. I did check that the primary mirror adjustment screws were at equal length and think I have setup the secondary tilt screws properly, It does sound like it might be that though. I'll go through the links you have given me and re-check all the screws and start again tomorrow. I'm guessing that a cheshire will help
  17. Here's another diagram, I could try and shim the focuser a little on the left of this image to try and square it up but, would that cause other collimation problems?
  18. I have seen in the manual that the focuser will seem to be positioned more to the left of this image and the secondary will appear egg shaped. But the focuser in the reflection seems to be slightly angled towards the left of this image. I'm having some problems describing my problem, does this make sense
  19. OK I have a photo but, it's not great quality. It all seems to line up and looks like the diagram in the manual: http://www.meade.com...lightbridge.pdf However, the focuser tube seems to be angled a little towards the top end of the tube (away from primary) as I can see a little of the outside of it.
  20. I actually got a letter from the tax man that I was pleased about, a rebate So I'm in the market for some new eye pieces, at the moment I have this 2" : http://www.teleskop-...d---AKTION.html I also have Meade MA9mm, MA25mm with which the thread is starting to go and I only have 1 metal housing between the two of them I have around £150 to spend. I suppose something like the following would be no good for a f/5 scope? seems a little cheap for 5 EPs. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/eyepiece-sets/celestron-eyeopener-eyepiece-and-filter-kit.html
  21. Thanks for the advice, seems I might be a little out of my depth Here's the photo; I already have a cash zapping project ongoing so probably best to just leave this well alone. AstroClassifieds is a website I'm currently developing, brand new hence no ads yet.
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