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  1. Hi .My mistake . I have edited it £250 ono Ian
  2. Hi Ihave a sony nex 6 camera modified for astronomy ir/uv cut of filter mod giving >98 h/a sensitivity . It can also be used for normal photos by setting the white balance to b7g7. It was modified by dslr astro tec . The camera is in good condition . It comes with 2 batteries + charger +instruction booklet £250 ono
  3. Hi Yes i use the samsung nx500 with the Samyang 12mm f2.0 lens for aurora and wide field . I find it excellent Ian
  4. Happy new year . Great end to the new year Some photos of the aurora . Taken with a samsung nx500 - Samyang 12mm lens @f2.8 25ecs- iso 3200 Ian
  5. Hi Bright slow moving meteor last night at 2143 hrs . Taken with a samsung nx500-samyang 12mm f2.0 - iso 1600-30second exposure. Ian
  6. A few pictures from last night. Not as good a show as a few nights ago but still quite good . Taken with a panasonic gx7 camera - 20mm lens at f2.2-20secs- Iso1600 Thanks for looking Ian
  7. Hi A few pics of the aurora Taken with a samsung nx500 15sec at f2.8 17mm lens Ian
  8. Hi The filter that was removed was 20% transmission Ha . The new one is >98% . What is SCNR in PI-LE . I did think about tuning some of the red out but i havnt tried it yet Ian
  9. Hi Amendment- the pics are the wrong way round iso was1600
  10. Hi I have a modded nex6 camera with a replacement IR/UV filter fitted . The photos look too red to me . I took a few pics raw + jpg .Sigma 19mm lens @ f2.8 15secs . The first pic is jpg - straight out of the camera . The second one is raw adjusted inligtroom5 and converted to jpg. Any ideas of how i can get the colour better . Thanks Ian
  11. Hi Thanks for your replies . However i do not intend to use it for daytime photography Ian
  12. Hi what is the best WB for a modded camera with an astronomical ir/uv filter fitted . Thanks Ian
  13. Hi this is a view from my front garden looking NE Thanks for looking Ian
  14. HI has anyone modded a sony nex6 camera . I live in scotland but i can not find any where in the uk that does them . There is a firm in Germany that mods them . There are 2 options- a clear glass conversion used with a astronomic clip filter or an astro ir/uv cut off filter giving 98% h alpha transmission Thanks Ian
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