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  1. Hi guys, Just thought I'd report that the Olympus Varimagnifier does not fit very well to a Canon EOS 10D. It goes on the eyepiece shoe OK, but wobbles about fairly loosely. It might be possible for a bit of do-it-yourself work to firm it up a bit, but it clearly isn't intended for the Canon. I returned mine. best wishes, Graham
  2. Thanks for the replies folks .. I've only used it for land peeping so far - lovely clear, steady view. I'm still reading the user guides .. there's a lot to take in. I intended a night session, 'cos the weather was good, but the sky was light until way past my bedtime. I've also been trying out the TheSkyX (First Light) software that came with it .. it's quite good, but I think the free Stellarium software is probably the most satisfying for my taste. I'm now looking at a lovely sky view with Vega high in the sky to the South - very atmospheric. And even the smallest star (barely visible) can be clicked on to see lots of information about it. One of the little things turned out to be 2,500 light years away - wow, I shan't be visiting there then. I've bought a 12 volt, 5 amp power supply from Amazon for less than £10, which works fine to power the scope. I've also bought an XBox CCD camera from there (£3) - another little project which needs a bit of tweaking and might just give decent AP results. Let you know when I've tried it. all the best, Graham
  3. Hi, After much searching of retailer sites, I finally plumped for a Celestron NexStar 6SE .. It's just out of the box to have it's picture taken (attachment).. I purchased it from http://telescopeplanet.co.uk, who were very pleasant to deal with. It actually came all the way from the Netherlands. It was interesting to watch it's progress via UPS: Stoke, United Kingdom 28/06/2012 6:10 Out for Delivery Stoke, United Kingdom 28/06/2012 5:00 Arrival Scan Tamworth, United Kingdom 28/06/2012 3:34 Departure Scan Tamworth, United Kingdom 27/06/2012 23:43 Arrival Scan Barking, United Kingdom 27/06/2012 21:06 Departure Scan Barking, United Kingdom 27/06/2012 14:04 Arrival Scan Herne-Boernig, Germany 27/06/2012 3:54 Departure Scan Herne-Boernig, Germany 27/06/2012 0:25 Arrival Scan Drachten, Netherlands 26/06/2012 19:30 Departure Scan 26/06/2012 17:48 Origin Scan 26/06/2012 16:20 Collection Scan Netherlands 26/06/2012 5:36 Order Processed: Ready for UPS So I'm all set to try it out - if it doesn't rain .. all the best, Graham
  4. GWS

    Nothing in Sight

    Thanks for the so kind welcome folks. It's interesting to see the many different types of equipment everyone is using. I'm getting quite dizzy looking through on-line shop window's - you know - that one's good (but not for this), here's a nice one (nope too heavy), well how about this type (sorry, can't do cameras). Buy second-hand and save some money (good idea, but they're all pick-up in person from 100 miles away ) I'm sure there is a good solution - just haven't found it yet. I didn't mention my other interests - I'm a radio amateur (G4EVW),into building radio receivers. Now a retired electrical engineer and computing type. Still do a bit of programming for fun. I've attached a little thing I did for last Christmas which you might like - it's a rather subtle animation (clue, a few stars are out). Just unzip it into a folder and click the .exe file). Hope you like it. On with my search for that elusive tube .. all the best, Grahamxmas2011.zip
  5. GWS

    Nothing in Sight

    Hi ToxoLight, I had some x80's a while back. Trouble was, the little white things kept moving about .. I figured either it was - the whiskey, my arm muscles had gone into spasm, or I should have worn something warmer .. best wishes, Graham
  6. GWS

    Nothing in Sight

    Thanks for the kind welcome folks .. @Matt> cripes are you going to save me the 50p on the bit of white tube ? Ooh cheapsville! @jamesM> thanks for your thoughts .. I shall be looking around my little town to see if there's any club activity. The library will be a good place to start I reckon. @jason.p> Hah .. that's where I'm at as well, but my tube's just virtual at the moment .. I've got a vague concept forming for a nice working arrangement, but it will need some checking out for practicality. Today, I have established that my shed computer does have a serial port .. progress. best wishes, Graham
  7. GWS

    Nothing in Sight

    Hi folks, I'm a weird astronomer - the only equipment I've got so far is a pair of ageing eyes .. I've splashed out on a £4 Xbox cam so far - everything else is undecided. Probably have to save up for a bit of 1.25" plastic tube next - another 50p I suppose It's an expensive hobby this .. So I'm looking around for a tube with a glass lens at the moment, so I can peep at those little white things you see in the sky every now and then. I might have a bit to learn I suppose .. All the best, Graham
  8. Hi Matt .. glad you got the NexStar going .. Don't you ever sleep ? Graham
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