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  1. Thanks Ray I've tried different DEC targets, my Guide rate is 0.3 so I might look into that one, why do you have your Mn Mo set so low? Simon
  2. Hi All I seem to be having major problems with guiding and I cannot figure it out, I have tried PHD, PHD2, I have tried the In built QHY5LII Driver in PHD2 and the ASCOM driver in PHD and PHD2 but both give me similar results, but I am seeing a very erratic DEC line on the graph, even with DEC guiding switched off. My mount is perfectly polar aligned as I used the routine in PHD2 to polar align the mount (which is an EQ8 Pro), and both West and South register a mis-alignment of 0.01" (1px) I have tried guiding on both scopes, AT8RC and C80ED and both scopes produce the same Erratic DEC graph line, again even with DEC guiding switched off, my gut feeling here is that this is a camera issue, since it reports the same when DEC guiding is disabled, sometimes the erratic graph goes as high as +2" or -2" on the graph. Mount perfectly polar alignedTried exposure settings up to 3 secondsTried on AT8RC using an OAG, and also without an OAG on the C80ED (Much shorter focal length)Different targets in Dec and RA produce similar resultsTried slightly defocusing the Guide CameraMy guide settings are, 70% Aggression, 15% Hystersis, Mn Mo 0.42, Max Pulse 500ms The mount itself is scope side heavier on RA, but this should not affect DEC anyway, and it is slightly camera side heavy on DEC Even when I was performing the polar alignment, the graph was erratic but the trendline reported pretty stable Has anyone got any ideas? Simon
  3. Hi All I am looking to build an observatory from a "Metal" Shed also, my concern is the roof, I do not want the conventional Roll Off all together roof, I already have a 7ft x 8ft concrete base built with the steel pier bolts already laid too, anyone got any pics etc? Simon
  4. I should have said, on my OIII imae there is a larger "Blue" section to the right of the image
  5. The light patch only affects the SII and OIII filter, so on my narrowband images, there's a larger "Blue" section to the right of my images
  6. For my flats I am using an EL Panel, the same panel for all the filters, as I use Sequence Generator Pro to calculate the correct times to acheive a specific ADU, I checked all the filters with a Micrometer and they are all the same thickness so I know it is not that, I have noticed on my Light frames also that there is a patch in the same area, but for some strange reason I cannot seem to elliminate it throguh flats which leads me to believe that my flats are not the right ADU (29000 for the ATIK 383L+, also tried 22000)
  7. I find that even with my images, there's the same level of lightness around the areas of the filter, just I would have expected a lot more in the way of uniformity with regards to the light, not "over to the right" with the OIII
  8. Hi All I am having fierce problems with my Narrowband Flats, moreso with OIII and SII, I am using the Baader 36mm 7nm filters, my LRGB and HA flats all look fine Luminance Red Green Blue HA Now here's the two weird ones: OIII I've checked the filters are installed the correct way in the EFW, just cannot understand why they are an odd shape, it is really affecting my images!!! Simon
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