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  1. You need to remember that the Zuka uses a diagonal,which can be rotated to make it easier to view objects near to the zenith,though looking upwards close to 90 degrees would still require contortions beyond me,or a rubber neck! i* Actually,at 90 degrees vertical,the scope could lie flat against your back. A bit of a strange scope,but then again,look at some of the wild and wacky 'Heath Robinson' optical contraptions that have been used in the past-like those ultra long focus 'Aerial Telescopes' used in the 17th century.
  2. Well worth a look,obviously being aware of the SAFETY issues of looking for an object that's still quite close to the Sun. Even Bins show a pleasing pinkish coloured disc.
  3. I saw it too. Extraordinary! Definitely shades of 'Thunderbird One'.
  4. Likewise Gina. I think that an International effort will be our best chance of getting Humans to Mars.
  5. I've watched that programme on the Russian space programme before,and I have to say that it's well worth watching. O.K.,the Russians may not have got a man to the Moon,but their contributions to the I.S.S. and long stay missions into space are incalculable.
  6. Way to go! When I was watching that 'Horizon' programme the other night,I remarked to the wife "Why is that guy climbing up a slippery slope,getting soaked by waterfalls,to collect moss samples -he should have gone to the wall near our front door." (West facing). She just nods at comments like that now.........
  7. Just ten minutes ago,I,ve collected some rather dry Moss,and placed it in a Petri Dish to re-hydrate overnight (using bottled 'spring' water). Hopefully,any Tardigrades present will 'spring' back to life- I didn't realise the pun until I just typed it there(!)
  8. Have you checked out the observing lists on 'Binocular Sky'?
  9. Well,changing the topic a little,I have to say that I enjoyed last night's 'Horizon' programme on Oceans of the Solar System - And it featured two American researchers that reminded me of those Scientists on 'The Fast Show'- "Hey Dude,this completely blows my mind!" They were investigating some of my favourite Microscopic creatures-Tardigrades-so what was there not to like? Can't wait until the submarine probe explores the depths of Titan's Methane Ocean,I think that I'll echo the above researcher!
  10. Try 'The Daily Express' online for this sort of pseudo-scientific rubbish. They make the 'Sun' read like a copy of 'Nature'.
  11. That 'Daily Telegraph ' chart looks very familiar. I'm sure that I had a copy of it myself about 45 years ago.
  12. I think that 'S@N' should mainly concentrate on observational Astronomy (as should 'Stargazing live',if it comes back again next year). Leave the Cosmology in the main to 'Horizon'
  13. I hate to say this,but if I see the term 'Black Hole' bandied about on 'S@N' or 'Horizon' etc,it's an instant turn off for me. To be honest,I'm sick of 'Black Holes'! Then again,Cosmology as a whole leaves me pretty cold. But I'm not alone-didn't Sir Patrick Moore say that he was mainly a Lunar and Planetary OBSERVER,and he was pretty much lost past Neptune?
  14. Mu Cepheii is an easily found carbon star,not as red as R Leporis,but a lot easier to find,and at a higher altitude.
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