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  1. What i mean is compered with all the stars and planets in every galaxy in the universe, life is very rare. There is more things not alive than there is alive. So in my opinion, to be here is a great gift. and a rare gift.
  2. I wonder why they sent it me then? not to worry i will use it for my dob.
  3. Oh thanks for that. I got it with my refractor, will i ever need it for that?
  4. Hope the clouds lay off for you sue. I got my new scope a few days ago and last night i got to try it out on jupiter and the moon. I was very happy. Its only a 102 celestron omni xlt, but i love it.
  5. Hello space fans! I got a collimating eyepiece with my new scope and i dont know what its for. could someone tell me please. :scratch:
  6. Hello talitha. Whats the weather like in the us? I would love to go there.
  7. Hello rob. sorry if i'm being silly, but whats a neodymium filter? and how much are they? Hi there...here we go!. Just noticed I spelt it wrong in my post (sorry) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=bneodymium Rob Thanks mate.
  8. Hello rob. sorry if i'm being silly, but whats a nyodium filter? and how much are they?
  9. Dont worry tarcs you will have it for when saturn rises and it will be here for the winter. When i first saw saturn a few years ago it took my breath away. I showed it to my wife last year an she couldnt believe what she was seeing.
  10. Thanks lads. I bet you can see some good galaxys and nebular with your lightbridge doc?
  11. Ive just had my first view with my new scope, a celestron omni xlt 102mm. It was jupiter and it was great, i could make out the cloud belts and i could see io, europa, ganymede and collisto. Not sure which order ganymede and collisto come in though?. On a good clear night, is my scope big enough to see the great red spot on jupiter if i bought a 2x barlow lens?
  12. I get every wed and sunday off. We take it in turns to stay late on fridays, i do 1 in 3. Next time you come in pop in reptile room and say hello. Ask for craig.
  13. Hello tarks. I have just had the celestron 102. I sent my evo star back cos it was faulty. The the eq cg4 mount takes some getting used too. Great scope and lookes nice!
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