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  1. That makes complete sense now, thank you Monty and Olander08 for taking the time to explain.
  2. Sorry for the really ridiculous and newbie question I'm about to ask, but after searching the internet I still don't really understand and was wondering if someone here could explain it a bit better, on pictures such as this one, people say "Oh look at the milky way its beautiful" "Look at our galaxy" but aren't we in the milky way? I have never really understood pictures like that, how can we look up at the milky way if we are within it? Thanks for putting up with me haha.
  3. Well done, that's really impressive, I am with stevetynant, you should definitely get it framed and hang it up! I would love something like that.
  4. That is really cool haha, It has reignited my love for lego, I can't wait to have children so I can use them as an excuse to do all the things I love.
  5. Hello again all, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good astronomy documentaries? The more the better! Any targeted/helpful for beginners in astronomy would be even better. Thanks
  6. Again thanks for the welcomes and advice everyone, and thanks for those links James, bookmarked them for when the clouds clear.
  7. It's been extremely cloudy during Liverpool the past week or maybe more, and I'm struggling to find a way to stay active in astronomy. As a new comer I was wondering how everyone else deals with the cloudy weeks and if they have any advice? Sorry if this is the millionth post about this .
  8. Thanks for the book suggestions, there is actually works bookshop very close to me so I'll pop in. Does anyone know what kind of things can I expect to see with the Skywatcher heritage 130p? I find the idea of being able to see Saturn absolutely unbelievable, I am excited.
  9. Yeah I think I'd go for a telescope too, even better that you couldn't take the PC as well I think, something about being at a lake at night with a telescope, free from technology that sounds incredible.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone, I really love the look of that Skywatcher heritage 130p. Just watched a video review about it and it looks really simple to use and the stand (Dobsonian?) looks really cool, this along with your reviews/recommendations has lead me to believe this is the first telescope I will purchase along with a £20 pair of 10x50 binoculars. Thanks for the tips again everyone really glad I joined the forum. Took me a while to understand how the Skywatcher heritage 130p worked, thought there was a part missing with the big gap in the middle, what a newb.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone and thanks for the link to Stellarium Jim, just installed it and loving it already. In response to the light pollution problem Albenn, I live quite far out of Liverpool in the "suburbs" so I guess its a little bit better than the city centre? To be honest it's been so cloudy for weeks I haven't even had a chance to really get started yet! I will look into those books, but to be honest I'd rather use a telescope than binoculars, I just thought binoculars where a useful starter?
  12. I have been searching around for a decent beginners telescope that wasn't to costly and came across this, what do you think? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-21061-Astromaster-70AZ-Telescope/dp/B000MLHMAS/ref=acc_glance_ce_ai_ps_t_3
  13. Hello SGL, I have joined this forum in order to learn more about astronomy and to seek help on where to begin. I use to have a classic shop bought telescope from Argos when I was about 8 that I used to watch a lunar eclipse with and it was amazing and it is a memory that has always stuck with me and kept me interested in astronomy. However I am completely new to astronomy but have been reading several websites that provide help and information to beginners, such as articles on the Astronomy magazine website and on the Sky and Telescope website. I was thinking about subscribing to the Astronomy magazine and was wondering if this would be recommended? I have also seen the several sticky posts in the beginners help and advice section about recommended reading that I will definitely look into. I have an average pair of binoculars and no telescope and no books currently. I was also wondering if anyone has used the Startracker4s App for their Iphone and if it was a useful tool for beginners. Thanks, I look forward to getting to know you all.
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