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    Just started astrophotogaphy - wow what a learning curve.
    Currently run an 8" LX90, pier mounted with ST80 and QHY5-II for auto-guiding. Photos using a modified Canon 500D. Recently bought a Lunt 60mm Ha Double Stacked with Pressure Tuner - whew solar is addictive. Member of Wessex Astro society
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    Wimborne, UK
  1. Sorry Dave, just read your reply properly - thanks for the info on the s/w Paul
  2. Thanks Dave - i like that idea ! Looks like its about £300 - what s/w do you use to operate the focusser (something like AstroArt so that you can use it for camera control too?) Paul
  3. I'm going to do some solar imaging (Lunt 60mm double etalon on EQ5, Baader Hyperion zoom and QHY5-II mono). Whats the best/easiest s/w to use on a pc for getting the sun into focus and for controlling the camera shutter speed etc. I've downloaded the ASCOM and QHY5-II drivers and the camera is defnaltey working, so its the next stage i need to look at and don't know what to use (free would be good, low cost isn't a problem but something expensve like Maxim DL prices could be a bit too heavy). BTW, i'm expecting Newton rings through the QHY but as its my guide scope for my SCT, its just handily
  4. Thanks Ronin - thatss a good point because i may use the mount for other scopes at some point. If those tracking motors that Alan mentioned will also fit the EQ5 then for the few extra ££ i might well go for the EQ5 Paul
  5. Thanks for your help Alan - much appreciated Paul
  6. oh yes, I see - the new motors appear to have a Solar mode. Not sure if this is a point and 'click' and then it follows the sun. Probably best for me to call FLO and find out how it works. On the mount, i have heard some stories about the 3-2 being stiff and at times 'jerky'. Have you found any issues with it with your WO in place? Paul
  7. Hi folks I would like your advice as to which mount to use with my new Lunt 60mm as I want to take stills and also videos of the sun I'm assuming that I need a mount that can keep up with the speed of the sun across the sky and have been thinking about either a Skywatcher EQ3-2 or a Skywatcher EQ5 but can the RA motors of these mounts keep up with the sun? Or perhaps there is a better way of tracking the sun, with some solar autoguider perhaps (but which one and how?) I'd appreciate the knowledge that is on the forum before i go and spend my hard earned £££ Thanks Paul
  8. Hi Does anyone now if there is a problem with the Astrotips website recently? I tried logging into my account last week but got the password wrong three times - it then barred my IP address (and didn't even give me the chance to do a password reset) and it took 3 days before the website would even open up on my computer. It must hold onto an IP address for a while then release it. Following its release, I requested a new password. Even though i saw the response on Astrotips saying that it had sent me an email, i received nothing. I have since requested a new password on two more occasions
  9. Whew, Billy I'm glad its not just me! I thought Id got a duff ST80. Ill try your suggestion tomorrow Paul
  10. I've just taken the focuser off the tube again. the external thread of the focuser looks like a different thread (larger) to the internal thread at the other end where the eyepiece fits. So its no wonder that the extender i bought doesn't fit into the tube. The female thread of the extender does, however, fit the male thread of the focuser. So its just the tube end that is a problem
  11. Thanks again red Dwarf Is this the one you mean? http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot/telescope-and-astronomy-stuff.html?highlight=AB7020#AB7020 62mm T ext tubeNew item. T thread extension tube (male T thread at one end and female T thread at the other). The tube provides an extension of 62mm. £4.50 IN STOCKThe reason I ask is because that is the one I already bought and which does not fit and hence the reason why I am somewhat confused There are couple of other extenders though including: http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot/telescope-and-astronomy-stuff.html?highlight=AB3198#AB3198 It stat
  12. Thanks red Dwarf - i can only find T extensions on Astroboot, not a T2 extension. i assume that there is a difference between T and T2?
  13. Got it - after a trawl round various websites i think i need, what is called a 1.25" extension barrel. If anyone knows any different I'd appreciate your thoughts
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