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  1. Ive used bin bags many times as a short term solution , at Star Parties I've used BBQ covers with success (with a towel wrapped around any electrics)
  2. Sir Patrick was not wealthy , Brian May purchased Farthing from SPM only charging a peppercorn rent . This allowed SPM security in his later life. If you read some of the threads following Sir Patricks death the details are there
  3. For those of you choosing to visit Metcheck you might just want to do a quick google of where the owner is at the moment and why he is there.
  4. This !!!!! Every time somebody looks at Saturn and it rings you can see their jaw drop...... Just before the " WOW "
  5. Nothing at all , I think your missing my point ( people are seduced by labels )
  6. Happens with just about anything , clothes , electronics , cars etc most are made in the same factories. People just love a label ......... Skoda or Audi anybody ????
  7. Why would you need to do that ?? There are thousands of other words that you could use instead or reverting to the lowest common denominator
  8. Spot on , i live to the north of Okehampton so Dartmoor shields us from the prevailing weather , either sending it up the North Coast towards Barnstaple / Bideford or south towards Plymouth generally. The trouble comes when the said weather pops over Dartmoor we tend to get it worse Sat24 and my back door are my tools of choice. Ps its nice and clear now
  9. Bet he uses the word "Ammmmaaaaazzziiiiiinnnnnggggg" at least 30 times
  10. Would it cost more than £30 to send it back to China if there is an issue with it ?? Im sorry but its a no brainer with something electronic and its supported by a Uk Dealer with backup / warranty.
  11. Met Office and Sat24 to see what's heading my way . Then it's head out if the back door time to confirm
  12. You could however do your homework , find the best price and ask your preferred retailer if they can match or beat
  13. No , it's mid season for them and with Stargazing live coming up stock is going to be scarce enough.
  14. Snow on Mercury anybody ??? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25517466
  15. Kai


    Absolute worse case , if its arrived at the depot BUT not scanned os out for delivery you could always drive down there yourself if your able to ? Pain i know buts its an option. Still fingers crossed
  16. Kai


    If you have a tracking number then have a look in the morning and if it shows out for delivery then you may be in luck
  17. Forget the Moon , if you want to nuke something i would suggest a certain Pale Blue dot.
  18. We have bought one for my 10yr old lad for Christmas
  19. Dont panic its been picked up , we need one of the Admins to review your forum permissions (they are they only ones with access) . One of us will contact you when we have an answer
  20. Is that the same news that told you about the Olympic torch ?? if so then its time to change news provider
  21. Kai

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    I can't see it , to be fair even if he was ok I would doubt it due to the numbers involved
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