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  1. To answer your question about wavelets. I do use the wavlets but try to be careful not to over "slide" them as i find it pixelates the image.When i was capturing the image it looked so blurry,faint on the laptop that i was surprised to get any detail at all. Next chance i get to go outside i will try to get some more colour .
  2. A 8" Celestron Sct , F10 with a 2x Barlow. 600 frames stacked in Registax
  3. No a stack in registax and a bit of PsP processing,but as i said i am new to this imaging lark
  4. Taken last night.Its the first time i have used a barlow for imaging,i dont know how the standard celestron barlow rates but anyway i was using it for experiance.
  5. What equipment eh ???? Well I have a 8 inch Celestron SCT on a eq5 mount.The image was taken with a toucan webcam (no barlow).I think collimation needs a tweek but i have only been doing this a couple of months so have no referance to compare against.I have been learning a lot from UKAI and thanks to these guys for helping me.
  6. Taken a few weeks ago but ive only just got round to process it...........what do you think ??
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