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  1. Thats it, now you HAVE to a Star Trek, Stargate & Babylon 5 banners!!!!!

  2. seriously.. Dr Who banner!!!

    1. Kai


      In your opinion....

      Maybe others enjoy this "over rated sci-fi " , it beats the countless cooking / celebrity / dross that on Tv

      And as Ant said it just a bit of FUN ...

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  3. Just noticed my first few grey hairs :) Jane says they are white - bleedin' cheek!

    1. Kai


      Only start to worry when its then hairs in your ears turning white that Jane is noticing

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  4. Have I been banned or something? All the comment/reply boxes of every page I visit are inactive. This seems to be the only way I can comment.

  5. Want to buy a second hand 200p or 150p dob for my dad. Anyone selling?

    1. Kai


      You might have more luck putting a wanted advert in the Classifieds

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