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  1. No what I'm saying is that why not use the mount as it was designed to be used either for visual or imaging. Is there an option to control the mount manually , without any power ? I would expect that the vast majority of people purchased the mount as a platform for Digital Astrophotography ( going by your previous posts you did ) and as such this will require the use of a laptop or Goto handset ,this is the reason you are struggling to find any information to the contrary . Maybe a Paramount user group or forum has the information you require , if not then maybe it's because there really i
  2. I'm sorry but I must of missed the point , why is it important not to use a computer ? Your phone is a computer , as is a Goto Handset as is a laptop as is the circuit board inside the mount to control the motors trying to say else wise is pointless If your observing and don't want a computer , buy a Dob If your wanting to do Astrophotography and not use a computer to control your mount you will struggle. Why go to the expense of buying what for many is dream equipment and not use it to its full potential ? , seems silly to me
  3. The Okehampton side of Dartmoor is better , lights off at midnight and not the population density
  4. Is that the ship they are going to be using ???? Coooool
  5. Westbere lakes might be worth a try , trouble is that you will need a efficient dew solution
  6. Tell me about it , my wife attended CH when it was called Frank Hooker 30 odd years ago , a spit and sawdust type ( the school not my wife )
  7. Oh forgot to add , the biggest problem I had was the amount of con trails and the effect this had on seeing .
  8. I used to live in Sturry , trouble is any southern view is knocked out but both the city lights and the flood lights at the hockey ground , add any moisture in the air and basically forget it. However if you go south of Ashford or head towards Sandwich / Deal then the skies get a lot better. SEKAS have an observatory near Minster so it may worth contacting them or iirc there is a observatory at Canterbury High that Mid Kent astro use. Please note that this info may well be out of date as we moved from Canterbury six years ago and now have to suffer the pitch black skies of rural Devon
  9. Doesn't really matter if it's been posted before imo the big question is are we going to see any images worthy of the investment ?
  10. [quote name="iLoveSpace" post="2595172" timestamp="1426572619 On land, My favorite thing to do with binoculars is to just look at what people are doing in downtown by zooming : Bit voyeuristic and a little creepy isn't it ?
  11. I would think your only hope is if somebody is local , unless you get your post very early considering you will have to make a mount for the film.
  12. He will lose the constant Welsh rain so it will be an improvement
  13. Time to open up this years renumeration discussions I think Peter
  14. How much are they paying ??
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