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  1. At 2.15 am on the 7th I was letting my old dog in the garden and thought I was seeing Perseids I was very excited so many fast moving objects .I too am in Southern England .Is this possible ?
  2. Hi Vicky I have a Skyliner as well same as yourself.
  3. Thanks but it was moving like ISS fast .I forgot to say I am in Dorset
  4. My son and I about 11pm last night 14/09/11 saw a very bright object not blinking moving fast from north west to east. no sound . orange. I lookked on Heavens Above to try to find it no luck .Anyone know ? Thanks .
  5. WOW amazing !! when I googled it didnt come up with that gem. Many thanks .
  6. Thanks but it didnt look like Jupiter, I will keep trying hope for clear night tonight.
  7. Really wonderful clear night at 1.am This morning .In the east saw a really bright Star looked on Sky scout and it said 73 Lam. in Aquarious.Very low on horizon. I have looked at my books but cant find anything about it ,why it was so extremely bright .Would be very grateful for some info . Thanks:icon_scratch:
  8. Thanks for that I've written that down .No just to improve my present viewing.
  9. I thought i would treat myself to a new e/p. I have the ones that came with the scope.Skywatcher Skyliner 200p on Dob. mount.super 25 long eye relief and 10mm ..I was wondering about Meade 5000 series Phossl 5.5mm or any other suggestions would be appreciated. But in the price rage of under £100 .Thanks very much as usual.
  10. I having a think about it now asked FLO about the Rigel if that might fit as i got the scope from them. Thanks .I'll get there in the end.
  11. Thanks for that but no go I only got 2cm between the focuser and finder.
  12. Just got a Telrad and not sure of positioning it on my Skywatcher Skyliner 200p 8" .Would I have to take the present finder off to get a good position.
  13. Thanks a lot I have written all that down .Come to the conclusion that a adjustable stool is the first step and see if that helps.
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