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  1. Glad to hear you had such good delivery from RVO. I ordered an instock scope and mount last Tuesday and I am still waiting!! RonJ
  2. Thanks for the info Steve. Have been in touch with RVO and made purchase. Thanks again Ronj
  3. Above has been onoffer at £445 until last weekend but now withdrawn by David Hinds. Does anybody know of a dealer who still has one at the offer price? Thanks in advance for any help Ronj
  4. Like michaelmorris I also took out subscription for S@N and received the wrong complimentary book. I spoke to them and they said send it back (Freepost) and they would send correct book. The fear of Post office queues and anticipated difficulties over acceptance has stopped me from so doing. Idleness really but being a cynic I think it likely that I should finish up with another wrong book or more likely none at all. RonJ
  5. At that price level I can't see it being a goer . It is very interesting though. RonJ
  6. Thanks for all the very helpful info and comments. Seems that "push to's " are fairly popular and Orion's optics are reasonable unless you are unlucky enough to get a "Friday afternoon" one. RonJ
  7. Dave Thanks for that but still considering options at present, although whichever I go for -funds permitting - it will be an 8" or 10". RonJ
  8. The actual seller, Lotnabox, regularly advertise these and others on Ebay. RonJ
  9. There is always lots of discussion about Skywatcher Dobsonians when someone is considering a new scope, but I've never seen any comments/discussion on the above Orion Dobs. I quite like the idea of a Dobsonian GO TO without the inherent problems of Meade and Celestrion GO TO's. Has anyone any experience or knowledge of the Orion Dobs - Intelliscope or otherrwise? RonJ
  10. Yes, I'd probably be able to make it. RonJ (Whimple)
  11. Had a look at the Weasner site and found this which may help you. www.Weasner.com/etx/autostar/as_tracking-percents.html Regards RonJ
  12. Presume you have looked at the Weasner site. Bound to be some help there. www.weasner.com/etx. RonJ
  13. I agree with everything said about planispheres - frustrating. I have both the Phillips and the Collins versions. They are both as bad as each other. Why are they printed in dark colours - we all know that the night sky is dark so why not print on white? I only use mine indoors and flat down. Stellarium is much more use as far as I am concerned. RonJ
  14. Yes John - there it was -gone! So I think you are right it was a meteor. My first. Here's hoping for clear night again tonight . RonJ
  15. As a newbie last night was the clearest night I've had in Devon. I also saw a "streaker" at about 22.45 as mentioned by jgs 001 but I thought it was a satellite. I am now unsure in view of jgs001 comments re Orionids . I have just looked up these and learn they are meteor showers at this time of year, but if this is what I saw would they not have been multiples rather than a single? Can anybody elucidate please. I am struggling to find my way around and still learning the basics but nearly always have doubts that I am in the right place as there are so many more brightish stars showing through the scope than with the naked eye. Meanwhile agree that it was a bit cold (for an old gaffer like me), the main problem being cold feet ! Must get some furlined boots. RonJ
  16. Hi Sue Missed your original post so you alraedy have some of the answers, but it's well worth looking at the Weasner website ( www.weasner.com/etx). It's full of information - some good -some not so good, but over all very useful. There is alos the www.meade4M .com forum website. Hope this helps
  17. yes, they are a bit noisy, although I dont think mine is too bad and it should assure the neighbours that it isnt a burglar lurking about in the garden!!
  18. Welcome Inthedark. Iused to live in Cornwall on the Roseland - how I miss the dark skies! I now live in Devon where I am plagued by car headlights and the rosy glow of Exeter.
  19. I have just obtained the RDF marketed under various brands, e.g. Orion EZ finder de luxe reflex sight, I can thoroughly recommend this as it is solidly made of metal, has 4 reticules, 7 brightness levels and easily and positively adjusts with an Allen key. Using the red dot reticule as opposed to the other shapes (which have their uses) the actual dot is small enough not to blot out the target but is also pin sharp.
  20. I was thinking of an Orion Dob, but your experience has frightened me right off! RonJ
  21. I must say that as a beginner I find Stellarium very useful for finding my way about, together with it giving me a little bit od knowledge. RonJ
  22. I agree with Richard, The Backyard Astronomer is a really useful guide to the novice. Easy to follow and it is spiral bound so you can easily use it outdoors. RonJ
  23. Thanks for your warm welcome. Yes Billy I know of the Weasner site. It has given me some very useful info already. Hi Will, I expect my wife may know your Aunt through WI (groan) and yes the Whimple skies are dark - but unfortunately at present due to heavy cloud cover most nights. RonJ
  24. Hi there - I'm from Whimple in Devon and have had a passing interest in Astronomy for a while but no time. Now in retirement I have that time. In June I aquired a used ETX125PE and tripod together with standard Meade EP and a cased set of Revelation EPs and Filters. Also mains transformer and Meade LPI and s'ware, cables etc and Dewcap. All came with Meade Aly cases for the scope and all accessories. So you would think that I am all set up - No .Since June the weather has been so bad that I have only 3 opportunities to set up and observe - and 2 of those were last week, even then mist and cloud shortened viewing to an hour or so. Have I chosen the wrong pastime I wonder? I shall have questions to raise as a newbie, e.g. accurately setting up the GoTo etc., but I shall raise these under the appropriate headings. Meanwhile it looks like another full cloud evening coming!! RonJ
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