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  1. I made a pier/mount cover from a cover originally meant for a garden swing seat. I dont know the composition but I think it is tightly woven cotton lined with PU/PVC coating. It has proved to be excellent over the last two years (my mount stays out but not the scope) with no problems whatsoever. I do place a bucket over the mount to partially protect it it under the cover against any leaks but so far I've had none. I secure the bottom woth a bungee cord the keep the wind and spiders etc out. I would suggest you make some enquiries at a garden centre as they seem to have tailor made covers which can be adapted to your requirements. Ron
  2. PHD works perfectly well with a CG5GT, subject to the usual set up parameters, i.e., balance and PA. Ron
  3. theres not much wrong with the colour. You just need to more and longer exposures. Ron
  4. Glad to hear it worked OK. It's the same kit I have but a different size. Ron
  5. I got mine off Ebay UK but I expect they are also available on Ebay USA . The kit worked very well on the Az bolt threads on my CGEM. Ron
  6. Helicoil - talk to your garage or DIY with a kit from Ebay Ron
  7. There are many guides to DA on the net but this one is easy to follow: http://www.petesastrophotography.com/ Ron
  8. Coincidentally I have recently "Hypertuned" my CGEM following Ed Thomas' video. I didnt buy the kit which I thought was grossly overpriced especially when taking account of the postage, duty and VAT involved. So I didnt have the Teflon shims or the ceramic bearings. Otherwise I followed the videos and I must say that the mount is so much freer. Unfortunately the weather has been so bad I have yet to try in earnest at night. I would agree with Exploer 190 MN re the faults found so all in all I would recommend tuning. Ron
  9. In my experience Teleskop Service are always open to negotiation. So worth a try. Ron
  10. Martin although we have exchanged pm's on this subject, having seen your last message on the forum, I must stress that you will pay VAT at 20% on the total cost and freight. On your figure this will be £1000 plus probably 5% duty £250. In addition you will pay a Customs clearance fee which most probably be a percentage of the cost and freight. As for Teleskop Service I can recommend them for service. They are first class in my experience. Ron
  11. 1. Nebulosity. Unlike Olly I have never had it fall over and I find it simople and reliable to use for both capture and basic processing. 2. None 3. A complete rework of Dawn - does anybody use it? RonJ
  12. Whilst I dont have a CG5GT now I used to guide with one through a converted finderscope with PHD software(free). I connected via a cable into the base of the handset to my laptop USB port (see Astronomiser for the correct cable and USB converter). It worked extremely well. RonJ
  13. Here's my attempt at this subject on 26/3. taken as a single shot with my Canon 450D. Settings: 18mm - f5.6 - ISO1600 = 30 secs iMG1107 250312 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! RonJ
  14. I have recently bought a new laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and have found no problems with any of my software including Artemis and PHD through Shoestring GPUSB BUT mine has USB3 as well as USB2 ports and the USB3 gives me the Blue Screen every time I try to use it for imaging ( 2CCD's, GPUSB via DLink powered Hub). I raised this on the Shoestring forum and the Yahoo Stark-Labs forum but without conclusive results except that it would seem that not all 1.1 and 2.0 devices work through a USB3 port despite it beihg backwards compatible. Fortunately as mentioned I have USB 2 ports so these I use leaving USB3 redundant for astro imaging. RonJ
  15. Probably the best thing to do is thoroughly read the manual and follow the instructions there. If you don't have the manual, download it from the Celestron website. I know men are not supposed to read instructions but it really does help. RonJ
  16. I noticed you used a japanese pull saw for cutting your plywood. What great saws these are - ultra thin blades, accurate cutting with no great effort. I dont use any other type now. RonJ
  17. I also suffered with software stability with my DSI2C. Change from Envisage to Nebulosity - problem gone! RonJ
  18. shall be glad to hear how you eventually get on with them. RonJ
  19. According to the CGEM group member they hold firm partly due to the resin which sets and cures in 72 hours. I dont know the size for EQ6 az bolts but for the CGEM they are M8. RonJ
  20. Sorry I cant help there Simon, but for anyone interested in EZLoks Ive found a UK supplier : SCparts.co.uk RonJ
  21. Correction to Yahoo website: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/CelestronCGEM/message/8781 RonJ
  22. Ipresume that the original mount threads are failing hence the need to replace. This has just come up on the CGEM Yahoo group website. The answer there is to use something called " E Z Coils". It was also suggested to use Helicoils but these dont work as they are designed for blind holes and soon pull out of Az bolt holes. The only problem is there doesnt seem to be a UK supplier of E z Coils and it may be necessary to get them from the US. The Yahoo thread is here: Yahoo! Groups /8781 RonJ
  23. After checking the power supply you could try swapping the Dec motor with the RA motor and see if you get the same problem in RA. That should prove it's the motor. I say this from experience with my CGEM where it proved to be the encoder on the end of the motor when I had a very similar experience to you. A new motor/encoder would have to be obtained if that is the case. RonJ
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