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  1. Only just seen this thread, but I have one of the original kit based focusers. This has worked faultlessly and as it has the same base as the Pro version I would recommend it thoroughly. Ron
  2. On my recently built Obsy I used the Screwfix rubber rimmed wheels mentioned above, but my roof is very heavy and they are already showing signs of flat spots. Consequently I have bought 50mm Polyurethane tyred wheels on Ball bearing hubs. These were obtained on Ebay from Atlas Packaging. I have not installed them yet due to the appalling weather here in Devon, but as they are harder I am hopeful that they will prove to be much better. By the way both run on Aluminium angle. Ron
  3. Atik confirm that there should be no problem running 2 cameras. Meanwhile it looks like I have problem with the USB controller in the computer. Corrupted or missing driver which I thought I had overcome with a reinstall, but the cameras are still not working although the EQMOD is fine and running off the same feed from the laptop and USB hub. Although I've tried reinstalling the Atik software ( and the filter wheel connects) it appears that it's now a camera driver problem. So I shall go through the install again and hope for the best. For the record I have tried changing cables and reinstalling Ascom plus .net framework 3.5 as stated by Atik. Ron
  4. Well, my query has produced some very interesting responses. Thank you all very much. I have emailed Atik support and awaiting their reply, but meanwhile Merlin's attachment seems a likely way forward. I'm glad the procedure is well spelled out as I am not too well aquainted with the darker sides of software! Ron
  5. I image with an Atik 314L+ and guide with a Meade DSI. Recently the Meade has been failing so I want to guide with my Atik 314E colour camera, but so far I have been unable to get both Atiks to operate together using Artemis and PHD. I have tried connecting in different orders but when I connect the 314L+ to Artemis followed by the 314E to PHD the 314L+ image locks with the screen divided into half black and half white (This is in daylight). Clearly there must be a way of connecting these same make cameras - what am I doing wrong? Incidentally I am connecting both through a 7 port powered USB ( same for Atik/Meade) Both Atiks work correctly individually. Any help would be welcomed. Ron
  6. Thank you for the very clear photos of your arrangement. I like the look of that. I have to figure out a way of top mounting the wheels. I'll try to get some pics to post over the weekend. Ron
  7. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. They used Screwfix 50mm rubber castors, 4 per side . As these give a total cleararnce of 70mm between the roof timber carrying the wheels and the beam they ride on, I am a bit limited for increasing the castor diameter without a major rebuild. So maybe extra castors and a check on the straightness of the run is worthwhile, although I do like the look of the castors Chris used, especially as the size is pretty close. How did you mount those Chris? I assume bolted between wood strips? Ron
  8. Just had my obsy built by a local bespoke timber buildings company.They have made a very good job of it but we are having problems with opening and closing the roof. I supplied the wheels ( Screwfix rubber) and the aluminium angle for the track. The roof is very substantial and I feel that it is too heavy for the wheels, so what are other people using? It is only 7'6" by 7' so it really shouldn't be a problem. I have looked at sliding gate track and wheels. This would be a last resort due to the cost. Ideas please for both track and wheels. Ron
  9. Following Steve's advice and with no chance of clear skies I have just tried setting AT to "Ascom Telelescope" as EQ Simulator and "Camera " to Nebulosity using Nebulosity's simulated image and lo and behold it works! I have green "tracking" and the Actions are all available. Unfortunately it's not possible to solve the Nebulosity Image but otherwise everything is working. My thanks to all and especially Steve who led me there. Ron
  10. I disabled the one USB3 port on my year old laptop because of crashes (mainlyPHD) resulting in BSODs. Since disabling I havn't had any BSODs. You can disable USB ports through Control Panel. So whilst I like the look of the Startech hub I shall not be buying the USB3 version. Ron
  11. I think this is a very acceptable image. It's an image to be pleased with especially bearing in mind that it is a crop from a very much larger image and taking account of the relatively short exposure times. As to the critique offered, try as I might I cannot find any signs of Vaseline, Castrol GTX or any other slippery stuff. I guess it must be my eyes - which are certainly not as good as they used to be. Ron
  12. Thanks Steve and Barry. I will get a clear sky at sometime and will try your suggestions. p.s Barry I'm a member at the NLO and I look forward to seeing you there one Friday. Steve, we are looking forward to seeing you there for a talk on AT. Doubtless Martin will liaise over the date. Ron
  13. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Now all I need is some clear skies to try them out.! Ron
  14. Thanks Martin, I'll have another go following your process, although I think I have tried all the combinations already (but using Nebulosity ). Ron
  15. Just starting with AT and am quite successful with solving my existing images. Also have tested through scope at night with Nebulosity capturing. This also being solved satisfactorily. But in both cases the Actions options are always greyed out and therefore I cannot sync etc. I just cant find why or how to turn on the Actions. Can anyone help please. Ron
  16. I have used a Meade DSI2 colour for guiding through a converted finder guider for a couple of years. It works fine. I don't know about the lodestar but I would expect it to be superior. Ron
  17. Submit it to Astrometry. That will almost certainly tell you what it is. www.Astrometry.net Ron
  18. This is a superb example of one of my favourite subjects. Just wish I could produce one as good. Ron
  19. Sorry to butt in on this thread but I have just installed EQMOD and finding my way around. So if I use pulse guiding with PHD am I right in thinking I do not need my Shoestring GPUSB between the Autoguide port on the mount and the USB port on my laptop? Ron
  20. So Cath is there an answer to PHD problems? I know there are other guiding softwares but none seem to be as simple to use or give the same results as PHD. Thus it would seem we are stuck with it. Ron
  21. I also have an Asus Laptop with 1 x USB3 and 2 X USB 2 and have had endless problems with PHD and Blue screens. I still don't know what the answer is but it surely drives me crazy. PHD is the only program affected and it does not matter whether I am plugged into a USB 2 or 3 port. I am close to dumping this laptop and getting another but will I get the same problem and other than used all laptops are Win 8 ( more problems?) and have USB 3 ports. Incidentally I have tried running in compatibility mode as Win XP and Vista as well as as Administrator without success. Ron
  22. This subject is now well covered with regard to Helicoil repair. So this is just to say that I repaired my mount alt/az threads with a "helicoil" kit from Ebay ( there are loads on there). It was simple and straightforward and my repair was done a year or so ago and is absolutely fine. Ron
  23. If you join Flickr.com you can then join the Astrometry Group who may be able to identify your object. Ron
  24. An absolutely superb image and you are rightly getting all the accolades this image and your efforts deserve. Great stuff Martin! Ron
  25. I agree that cigaerette plugs - and more so the sockets - are unreliable after a while. I have made up a junction box with six phono sockets so that all my equipment is now served by phono plugs with no problems whatsoever. The junction box power is connected to the 12v supply through banana plugs which again work satisfactorily. The most difficult part is soldering the phono plugs, so if you use this method, buy a few extra plugs as you probably will spoil at least one ( it's the centre connection that is tricky!) Ron
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