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  1. Thanks to evryone for the kind welcome messages which are much appreciated & thanks JamesM for the advice on the planetarium software which will be very useful. Regards redskyatnight
  2. Hello, Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself to everyone. The natural world and the vastness of the universe has always fascinated me, however I am really a complete novice to astronomy. It has taken me a while to work out how to post this ‘thread’ so maybe there’s not much hope for me as a stargazer! Trying to do things properly, so resisting the near overwhelming urge to buy a telescope! Have acquired a planetarium, Night Sky app and pair of 10 x 50’s – now just waiting for a clear night……mmmm. Have now confirmed to family & friends their long held suspicions that I am really a geek, but am now too old to care! Have been amazed by the amount of information & number of excellent astronomy web sites available (obviously including this Stargazers Lounge!). I look forward to many hours of research (whilst overcast) and hopefully scanning the skies over Northamptonshire sometime soon. Cheers redskyatnight
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