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  1. Good post Chris and you've asked a few of the questions i was thinking of asking! Only just started observing myself and only my 2nd proper session on Saturday but spent a good time looking at Jupiter. Tried all the eyepieces in the Celestron kit with an ultima barlow. Highest mag i could get to was x167 with the 9mm. Anything higher was too blurred. Could make out NEB and SEB plus the SPR. Tried all the kit filters but don't think i know enough yet to get the best use of them - yellow #12 seemed to show the SPR clearer. Finding my way around the stars is going to take lots of practice - even with the finder there seem to be about 100 times more stars than with naked eye so just happy to enjoy what i could see.
  2. Superb idea and great design Richard
  3. Only had the one chance to use it so far, hoping tonight will stay clear. (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  4. Just got one of these last week as my first scope and was thinking the same. Carrying that in and out of the house is going to do me damage now i'm getting old and weak! You're right its great looking. have you had a chance to look through it yet? I got some nice views of jupiter just with the supplied eyepiece.
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone Will do - first impressions are good and what i was looking for as an introduction to such a wide subject. Its my 1st distance course so can't compare with others but the materials interesting & registration etc was smooth.
  6. Saw it from Stevenage between about 9:30 - 10:30. Can't comment on seeing conditions as it was my first light as a complete novice. I was amazed i could even find it. Can only get to x60 but think i saw 2 cloud bands and 4 moons. Richard
  7. Hi Always had an interest in astronomy and particularly "is there any life out there?". Just started an OU Short Course on Astronomy so... Finally ordered my 1st scope (Omni XLT 150 from FLO), after trawling through the forums for tips & advice - and there's lots there so a big thank you. Now to start searching for them aliens. Hope i haven't brought down the curse of cloudy skies Richard
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